Comparing the Inmotion L6 vs. the Swagtron Scooter

Comparing the Inmotion L6 vs. the Swagtron Scooter

This year has seen a profusion of new brands in electric scooters. However, for many products it’s difficult to see any real differences in these scooters apart from the name. The key question is, are they any good & what are the desired qualities found in a reliable/dependable scooter?

  1. What are the dimensions of the scooter?
  2. What is the Wheel diameter?
  3. Does it have pneumatic tires?
  4. Is it fitted with springs/shocks?
  5. Height of ground clearance?
  6. What is the battery capacity? How many battery cells does the battery pack contain?
  7. How powerful is the motor? Is the specification accurate?
  8. Realistic maximum rider weight?
  9. What is the real acceleration & braking performance?
  10. How fast can it charge?

eWheels are extremely fortunate to work with Inmotion, who’s approach to making cutting edge personal transport products is well ahead of just about anything else being made today. And it’s not just about technical specifications either: the L6 scooter is an emotively beautiful crafted piece of equipment stealing the show wherever she goes.

With the two scooters side-by-side, the L6 is comparatively larger in every dimension, from handle-bar width, to length of the foot platform.

Suspension on a Scooter is essential for providing you with a comfortable ride. Not only does the Swagtron lack suspension but either does it have pneumatic tires. This results in an uncomfortable ride, where each bump on the road’s surface is transmitted through the foot platform.

All of the controls (throttle, brake, power button) both look & feel solid & well-built on the L6, the same cannot be said on the carbon fiber scooter. Same for the dashboard, on the Inmotion the futuristic display is integrated right into the frame’s body similar to what you find on a high performance sports car.

The L6 has 4x more battery cells, allowing you to cover up to 20 miles a charge.

Charging on the Swagtron is extremely slow, you’ll need to wait 7 times as long to charge as you would for riding at a moderate cruising speed (e.g. 3.5 hours of charge time for 30 minutes use). The Inmotion charger is more than three times faster than this, minimizing the time you’ll need to wait around.

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