Why Our eWheels Fast-Chargers Rock

Why Our eWheels Fast-Chargers Rock

eWheels are pleased to announce that we that we will be releasing an optional charger that allows owners to change the charging voltage from 67v to 65v.
The purpose of this addition is because there is abundant data that suggests that if the battery pack is only topped-up to 65v they still yield 80% of the capacity (672Wh vs. 850Wh) but reduce cell degradation rates by 5 times!

When investigating this feature a bit further, another previously unrecognized effect is that even when time is allowed to balance the cells to 4.05v, because they can still accept a fairly decent amount of current, that last two hours in a standard charge cycle can be condensed into 15 minutes! The net effect of using the 5A charger & a 65v end-point charge point is massively reduced charging time, from 8 hours with a standard 2A charger to only 2.5 hours with the 840Wh pack.

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