Wheel Compatibility
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16×3″ Tire, YuanXing. V14, Extreme, Patton16×3″ Tire, YuanXing. V14, Extreme, Patton
134V/3A Charger T4/Master/Extreme. GX20-4 pin134V/3A Charger T4/Master/Extreme. GX20-4 pin
134V/5A Charger T4/Master/Extreme. GX20-4 pin (backorder)134V/5A Charger T4/Master/Extreme. GX20-4 pin (backorder)
Begode DS200 Suspension Kit. T4, Extreme, Master, EX30, MasterProBegode DS200 Suspension Kit. T4, Extreme, Master, EX30, MasterPro
Begode: Extreme Motor, 3,500W, with TireBegode: Extreme Motor, 3,500W, with Tire
Begode: Extreme ControllerBegode: Extreme Controller
Sale price$450.00
Begode: Extreme Display Cover PanelBegode: Extreme Display Cover Panel
Begode: Extreme SeatBegode: Extreme Seat
Sale price$79.00
Begode: Extreme Side Pad. RightBegode: Extreme Side Pad. Right
Begode: Extreme Side Pad. LeftBegode: Extreme Side Pad. Left
Begode: Extreme Controller Tray/HolderBegode: Extreme Controller Tray/Holder
16×3″ Innertube. CST
Sale price$20.00