Inmotion V10/V10F, 960Wh Battery/2000W Motor

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Model: V10F 960Wh



25 MPH


45.4 lbs


8 hours


260 lbs




30-40 miles

Introducing the V10/V10F

Key Features of the V10/F

Extra Large Pedals:

The pedals on the V10/F offer a 30% larger surface area than the V8 & V5F, this translates into more of the foot being supported by the pedal, for reduced foot fatigue & greater comfort over long rides. Additionally, the pedal contact surface has a honeycomb shaped silicon insert which helps absorb some of the harshness of the road surface.

Brighter Headlight:

Headlight beam intensity has been upgraded from 195 to 520 Lumens, a 266% increase, significantly improving safety in being able to see up to 40′ ahead in low light conditions.

Thinnest >16″ Wheel Profile:

A unique property of Inmotion Electric Unicycles is the placement of the battery pack above the motor; the main benefit to this design is that, despite being fitted with the wide 2.5″ tire, the body width is a slender 5.2″ wide, a full 1″ less than the KS18L/XL. For ergonomics & ride comfort, a thinner Wheel is general preferred over a fatter one, as there’s less pressure exerted against side of the legs.

Programmable 3 Concentric LED Rings:

As with the V8, the V10 has three rings ‘atmospheric’ LEDs on either side, which can be selected from a number predefined profiles, or customized to an infinite variety of patterns, personalizing the your Wheel. With a quick press of the under-handle button, together with the power switch will quickly enable/disable the this feature if you’d prefer to be less conspicuous.

Quick Motor Cut-off Button:

This is handy for situations where you need to pickup the Wheel for lifting over a curb, or a flight of stairs; having to press the power button, wait for the Wheel to power down is a thing of the past. Other manufacturers have also introduced a lift-sensor, Inmotion were the first to provide this function & their under-handle implementation seems to be the most convenient & reliable of the other designs.

Folding Handle:

There’s various pro & cons to having an embedded retractable handle inside of the Wheel body—it’s fully self contained, integral to the structural—or an external handle that’s bolted onto the top. With the V10F, all possible internal space is occupied by the 80 cell battery pack & other components, helping to keep the width down to as thin as possible. Another advantage, is that a folding handle can be taller than an integrated one, as it doesn’t sacrifice anything by adding a few extra inches of reach, the V10 is 40″ tall when in the upright position.

V10/F Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Most Refined Wheel: the V10/F is arguable the most beautiful & futuristic looking Wheel being produced today. It bears a close resemblance to the early generation V8/Glide 3, while addressing many of the V8’s shortcoming; with the flush padded side-pads, taller folding handle, larger pedals providing a more comfortable ride over long distances, while retaining the attractive qualities that made the V8 one of the most popular models ever made.    
  • Performance: if you are considering the V10/F as your first Wheel, or already own of a entry-to-mid level Wheel, the V10F is an ideal choice for the discerning urban Rider, who needs a reliable, high-performing, practical Wheel. The V10F has double the motor power output & range of a V8, the maximum cruising speed has been bumped up from 18.6 to 25MPH. The V10/F was also the first Wheel to be designed for a wider 16×2.5″ tire, giving it greater ride stability, while retaining a thin ergonomic profile.    
  • Extra Features: from the earliest twin-Wheel V3Pro, Inmotion has been in the vanguard in outfitting their Wheels with the most cutting edge innovation. The V10/F continues this pursuit of excellence with the standard under-handle cutoff switch, the richest sounding speakers ever packaged into one wheel, a super-bright headlight, & is offered with the popular protective cover to keep your investment protected.  


  • Max 25MPH Cruising Speed Battery State Dependent: when the battery is partially discharged, the maximum cruising speed of 40kph/25MPH drops off proportionally after around 66% discharge. For illustration, when the battery is at 50%, the speed is reduced to 20.5MPH & @30% 15.5MPH. Although this programmed behaviour provides a higher safety margin for brownout power loss potential risk, the thresholds are may be overly conservative, when compared to the operating experience of a Gotway or King Song.    
  • Susceptibility to Controller Overheating on Sustained Hill Climbs: to protect the controller from temperature stresses, the controller forces the Rider to dismount—by tilting back the pedals where it becomes unrideable—once the controller’s temperature probe senses 70°C/158°F. On the V10/F, this overheating condition is reached earlier than on other Wheels from either King Song or Gotway. If you live in a particularly hilly region, other Wheels may be more suitable for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the V10 & V10FThe number of battery cells in the two models has the same 80 cells. To achieve the 960Wh higher capacity, Inmotion used the LG MH1 3.2Ah cells, while the V10 is packaged with a 650Wh pack consisting of battery cells from Sincpower.

What are the benefits of the wide 2.5″ tire?This gives the Wheel more contact surface area with the ground, providing more stability, particularly on poor road surfaces.

Is there a warranty with the purchase?Yes, eWheels offers a one year warranty from date of shipment, this includes labor & parts for non-consumable elements like the controller, motor & battery pack. Tires, innertubes, damaged sustained as a result of accidents are outside the scope of the warranty. We offer our Customers the choice of either taking on the repair themselves, or sending it in for repair at our Tucson service center, the shipping costs are not included.

Can I control the lights without having to use the App?Using the combination of the under-handle switch & power button, you’ll can toggle the side atmospheric lighting on & off, for when you need to go into stealth mode. Headlight can be turned on/off by pressing & holding the power button. The rear tail-light remains on when the wheel is powered on.

Is the V10 water resistant, IPxx certified, can I use it in the rain?
Since most manufacturers do not certify their IP ratings, they are generally not an accurate guide for judging the protective qualities of a Wheel. The general recommendation is that you can Ride the Wheel in light rain, damp road surface, but try to avoid using in a heavy downpour, leaving it outside exposed to the elements.