Formula 1 Star Lewis Hamilton & the Electric Unicycle

Formula 1 Star Lewis Hamilton & the Electric Unicycle

In October, the media was abuzz with pictures of Lewis Hamilton riding his Electric Unicycle down the Boardwalk in South Beach, Miami with his trusty  companion, Roscoe. What at first might have appeared to be a one-off  sighting, now appears to be his preferred mode of travel; for us eWheel owners/riders it’s easy to understand why- there is no more practical, efficient, & fun mode of transportation! Hamilton races ahead as the rest of the world plays catch-up.

Lewis Hamilton on Paddock

Last week, we see envious F1 crews look on at Hamilton as he glides down the paddock during testing in Barcelona.

The White Carpet Treatment

What better way to waltz through Immigration & Customs after arriving on your private jet .


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