Introducing the all new King Song!

Introducing the all new King Song!

eWheels are pleased to announce the introduction of the King Song product line to the US are especially pleased to also be the first to launch the all new special edition Ultra version, equipped with one of the most powerful motors available, an incredible 40 mile range, with an electronically-controlled top speed of 30kph!

King Song are innovators in the manufacturing of high-performance eWheels, who also take safety very seriously by use of such features as pedal-tilt-back speed control & multiple audible alarm modes. There is also an integrated head/tail lights with a sensor that automatically engages when it becomes dark. Ride settings may be modified using the Android Bluetooth app, which can also display battery level & current—it even sports a USB port to charge your phone.

There will be three versions of the 14″ eWheel available

  1. A 148Wh airline compliant version with a quick-swap battery pack
  2. A 340Wh capacity version, which will be able to achieve about 35km range
  3. An extreme 840Wh capacity battery, with an updated 800W motor & a top speed of 30kph

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