Begode EX20S, 3,600WH Litech Battery, 3,000W Motor, Suspension

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  • Battery Pack: Equipped with the improved LiTech-built battery packs
    3,600Wh battery pack with the Samsung 50E cells, or 2,8800Wh consisting of the high-powered 40T pack
  • Suspension: Latest generation Begode shock, with the rebound, inflation to 300PSI chamber pressure & 80mm of travel
  • Loads of choice: motor type, battery & tire preferences
  • Performance: 100V machines provide 25-30% more range than the higher voltage > 126V system. If you’re looking for a comfortable suspension cruiser wheel, the EX20s may best fit your requirements.
Motor: High-Torque (C38)


Battery: 2,880Wh (40T High-power)


Tire: Street (Kenda 340A)



45 mph


103 lbs


8 Hrs to 100%


265 LBS




100 miles

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the advantage of an EX20S over the latest generation machines like the Master/Pro & EX30?Customer feedback for the Master & S22 is that there’s an appreciable range hit of these higher-voltage machines, around 25-30%. If you have no intention of cruising >40MPH, but range is more critical, then the EX20S may be a more suitable machine for your requirements. In addition, the earlier Masters/S22s have had more teething/reliability issues than the mature established 100V systems.
The EX20S is an all metal construction, with stainless-steel screws/bolts, is built like a tank, with most most Riders reporting superior suspenion feeling/handling than the newer Master.

What are the performance differences between the High-Torque (C38) & High-Speed (C30) variants?The motor stators are wound differently, providing more low-speed torque in the HT, but a reduced max [recommended] operating speed of about 35MPH, while the HS has thinner stator windings that results in higher rotational speed potential, that comes at a sacrifice to torque. If you’re a heavier >225lb Rider, or plan on using the machine on hilly environments, the HT may be a more suitable choice, otherwise having some more speed margin potential—even if you do not initially plan to ride in this region—is typically preferable.

Will Begode be discontinuing parts for the EX20S in the near future?Begode has committed to maintaining parts for this model over the next 12+ months. We are also strategically stocking up on the most common parts of this model to continue supporting this model over the next few years.

What is the max rate of charge? Can I used both the 8A & stock 3A chargers simultaneous?In theory, the upper-limit of the 40T cell is 6A x 8 paralles = 48A—for the 50E pack configuration the max rate is 1/3 of this—in practice the BMS, input charge wires, & input charge fuse all play a factor, charging should not exceed a total of 12-14A.