Begode Hero, 1,440WH Battery, 2,800W Motor, Suspension

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  • A Special Edition of the Begode Hero, with High-Powered LiTech Battery Packs
  • Available in either High-Speed or High-Torque variants
  • Improved Kenda 340A [for HS]/or Knobby 262 [for HT] tires preinstalled
  • Fitted with the upgrade Begode adjustable shocks, with rebound support
  • Rapid-charge capable, up to 12A
Motor/Tire: High-Torque/Knobby [C38/K262]



40 Mph


80 lbs




286 LBS




70 Miles

Frequently Asked Questions

With all the new models coming onto the market over the past few months, is there still a value-proposition in the Hero?Yes, we believe there’s still a niche for this machine: it is built like a tank, has a good reliability track record, is more compact than the Master, & when paired with a high-powered battery pack is still a compelling suspension Wheel—think of it in terms of an RS, but with awesome suspensions system.

Why has it taken so long to bring the Hero to market?With the spat of recent launch troubles, we wanted to cover our the bases, ensuring there were no unexpected surprises. Developing the LiTech battery pack BMS took several months, meanwhile Begode had made some iterative improvements to the model, improved shock supporting heavier Riders, controller ugprades & some other minor product changes.

What are the performance differences between the High-Torque (C38) & High-Speed (C30) variants?The motor stators are wound differently, offering more low-speed torque in the HT, but a reduced max [recommended] operating speed of about 35MPH, while the HS has thinner stator windings that results in higher rotational speed potential, that comes at a sacrifice to some of the torque. If you’re a heavier >225lb Rider, or plan on using the machine on hilly environments, the HT may be a more suitable choice, otherwise having some more speed margin potential—even if you do not initially plan to ride in this region—is typically preferable.

Are these Heros fitted with the CST-186 tire?No, we requested/paid Begode to use a combination of the Kenda 340As for the HS & the more popular K262 with the high-torque variant.

Can I have my tire swapped out for another one, e.g. K340A for HT, or K262 for HS before shipping?
Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but with the current queue for reworking a number of new models, e.g. fitting S22s with new motors, we don’t have the capactiy to take on tire swaps at the moment—this will likely improve as we head into the slower season.

Will Begode be discontinuing parts for the Hero in the near future?The company has committed to maintaining parts for this model over the next 12+ months. We are also strategically stocking up on the most common parts of this model to continue supporting this model over the next few years.

What is the max rate of charge? Can I used both the 8A & stock 3A chargers simultaneous?The upper-limit of the 40T cell is 6A x 4 paralles = 24A of the system, but in practice the BMS, input charge wires all play a factor, charging should not exceed a total of 12A.

The principles of battery selection on PEVs are complex but can be distilled down to a general rule of ‘the smaller the battery pack, the more power is demanded from the cells’. The Hero battery pack comprises 24 cells in series & 4 parallels (24s5p). In this class of high-performance >2.8KW machine, the system must be provided with sufficient peak power throughout the discharge curve; this is why we elected to equip the Hero with our exclusive LiTech Samsung 40T battery packs. 

There is also the peace of mind of the intrinsic safety properties of the high-powered packs, they are designed for this sort of demanding usage, and the risks of premature degradation/spontaneous fires are significantly reduced.  

Beyond the safety/performance benefits, other advantages of a high-performance 40T battery pack include: faster-charging potential (up to 8-10A), superior pack longevity, cooler operation, increased performance, more efficient utilization of energy from the group—for hard riding, mountain/trail use, the usable range from the 1,440Wh bags may be more significant than a higher nominal 1,800Wh set.