Begode MasterPro V3, 4,800Wh Battery, C40 5,000W Motor, Suspension

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  • Both the MasterPro V2 & V3 in Stock
  • Battery: Largest 4,800Wh battery pack with the Samsung 50E/GB cells
    Improved battery/BMS system with temperature sensors.
  • Motor: 5KW high-torque motor, the no-load max rotational speed of 93MPH (not riding speed!)
  • Suspension: Suspension shock system, with the rebound providing up to 80mm of travel
  • Tires: choice of a knobby or street tire on V2 & racing tire on the V3
  • Pedals: Fitted with XL spiked pedals

Tire: Street Tire


Version: V3 (50GB)



55 mph


115 lbs


10hrs to 100%


300 LBS




190 Miles

The MasterPro is currently in its 3rd iteration. On V2, Begode made a number of structural changes, using stronger metal battery cases, improved headlight, suspension linkages, kickstand, controller tray, seat & retractable handle.

On the V3, the changes are mostly ‘under-the-hood’ with a C40 high-torque motor, larger display, an upgraded 48x MOSFET controller to deliver more torque & a higher free-spin speed of 93MPH—the maximum ride speed should not exceed 60MPH. This new motor rim also has more supporting struts for better durability & fitted with a high-performance street tire.

The MasterPro is generally considered the ultimate machine for those seeking the longest possible range, and/or cruising about all day without the range anxiety associated with the lessor demi-gods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What changes were made to the MasterPro V3 vs the V2?– Torquier C40 5KW motor
– Using the latest generation 48x MOSFET 792A controller
– Choice of the Samsung 50E or higher power 50S battery packs

What are the material changes on the MasterPro V2 vs the V1?– Updated suspension linkages: thicker suspension arms
– Updated headlight: consisting of a single large headlight, with 30% more luminosity
– Updated tail-light: greater visibility & stronger mounting bracket
– Metal battery cases: protecting the precious battery packs from impact
– Updated kickstand: more sturdy design
– Improved side-pads and seals: better ergonomics

Does the MasterPro have the choice of a street or knobby tire?On the V2 there is the choice of either the CST-117 street tire, or the CST-7021 knobby.

What are the benefits of the knobby & street tire?The knobby tire is more versatile on a range of terrain, such as grass, packed dirt, gravel, & other surfaces, it also has superior tread life to most street tires. The CST-117 is also a deep tread tire that tends to do better on paved surfaces.

Are there benefits of using the 50S cells/pack in such a large capacity Wheel?
In a machine with a 32s8p/256 cells pack, it arguable whether there is much utility of a high power cell, each parallel works together to yeild an enormous amount of power for nearly any conceivable use scenario with a 50E celll. There’s a cross-over point of about six parallels where the additional battery pack power will have diminishing perceptible returns in the ride behaviour & responsiveness.

What is the maximum rate of charge?While at a cell-level the theoretical maximum is about 25A, there are other bottlenecks that need to be considered, such as the charge-board, wiring & BMS. Charging at 20A is considered ‘acceptable limits’ but in excess of this, may cause damage to these other components.

What charger is packaged with the MasterPro? The stock charger is a 134V/3A outputting 403W. The same optional Master 8A charger will also be available for the MasterPro, for a combined charge power level of 11A/1,474W.

What is the max weight limit?
This is limited by Begode’s shock. The earlier version of the shock, used on the Hero & first generation Masters, had some issues with ‘bottoming out’ with loads of around ~200lb. On these newer Begodes, these are now fitted with an upgraded air shock, with the rebound, supporting higher weight loads for Riders in the ~300lb region.

How much range can I expect on level-ground at a constant cruising speed? There’s many variables that affect the range of a Wheel, in order of importance, these include: speed, terrain, Rider’s weight, temperature, tire pressure, frequency of acceleration & stopping. Assuming a constant average cruise speed of 20MPH, with a ~175lb Rider, one can expect about 120-140 miles.

Is the MasterPro suitable to use off-roading? Not really, due to its bulk/mass & large 24″ tire. Most trail Riders prefer the nimbler 16″ Wheels, such as the Patton, or Extreme, which provide more torque & responsiveness. The MasterPro comes into its own on open stretches of paved road, where the MasterPro is really in a class of its own.

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