Extreme Bull GT PRO, 3,000Wh Battery/4,000W Motor (8KW Peak)

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  • Availability: in stock, ready to ship now GT PRO+ Available end of June.
  • Motor: 4,000W (+8KW peak) C38 high-torque motor, with a maximum ‘no-load’ spin speed of 125 MPH!
  • Battery Pack: 3,000Wh/168V high-power Samsung 50S battery pack, with SmartBMS. Capable of rapid-charging at 20A/3,360W
  • Control board: equipped with 48x 200V/132A for a theoretical peak power output of 1056A
  • Suspension: 100mm of functional travel
  • Tire: Maxxis 21″ 100/90-14 ultra-wide performance tire
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Battery Size: GT PRO 3000Wh

Battery Size






<1.5HR TO 80%






~115 MILES

Bonus 170V/20A Rapid-Charger

To maximize the rapid-charge capabilities of the GT PRO, buyers will receive a bonus model 4580, 170V/20A rapid-charger, outputting 3,400W—you’ll need a 20A circuit for peak power. The charger is a compact 11x4x2″, weighing 3.7lb, & comes with carrying case. There is no other Wheel being offered with a sub-one hour charging solution as part of the standard equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although EB has demonstrated a ‘no-load’ speed of 200kph/125MPH, what is the actual ride potential of this Wheel?This remains to be seen. The general safety margin between ‘no-load’ & ‘cruising speed’ is about 15-20kph/9.3-12.4mph; however, the GT PRO has a 75kph speed delta of CommanderPro 50S & LK Lynx, no one has, yet, tested riding at anywhere near this speed, which is equivalent of facing the full fury of a category 3 hurricane head-on!

Will the GT PRO be offered with different battery packs?Packaging a 168V/40s battery pack presents some unique challenges in a Wheel, this constrains the maximum capacity to 4x parallel circuits; it’s unlikely we’ll see a 6p version of the GT PRO, without resulting in an unwieldy behemoth. To power the machine, the high-power Samsung ~30A 50S cells are required. Begode is not planning on producing a 50E version of the Wheel.

When will the first shipments GT PRO take place?First production is expected to take place in mid-late February.

What fault-tolerance measures have been considered in the design?At the battery pack level, these are independent, up to two packs can fail & sustain a fairly high load. While under rotation, the controller ignores hal data, in the event of failure & by packing in so many MOSFETs in the controller, reduces the stresses on any given chip.

How much of the 100mm of suspension travel is functional?
Unlike the linkage system employed on a number of other Begode models, one of the key benefits of the vertical suspension module is that it offers the full 100mm of travel vs 60-70% of the claimed travel range.

What charger is packaged with the GT PRO & what is the maximum rate of charge?Another first for the GT PRO is the inclusion of a 10A/168V charger, capable of charging from 0-80% in under 1.5hrs. The maximum rate of charge is 20A/3,360W, assuming a 25mph cruise speed, this is of a 4:1 ratio of ride-to-charge time.

Does the GT PRO have different ride heights?This is a first for Begode/EB, the adjustable pedals brackets; the height can be changed from 230, 240, 250mm/9, 9.45, 9.85″ inches for different ride preferences & situations. The Wheel will be fitted with the CNC pedal kit as on recent Begode/EB models.

What tire is the GT Pro installed with?
A new (for a Wheel) Maxxis slick ‘semi-hot’ 21″ 100/90-14. This is a high performance motorcycle tire, more details will follow. We are working to try to be have the tire installed in a tubeless configuration, for reduced maintenance & downtime.

Will the CNC front/rear roll-bar & handle be included as standard equipment?Yes, those parts will be included as part of the shipped package.

Are Velcro pads included?Yes, same style/type of pad as the other Extreme Bull models, such as the Mini, CommanderPro, & CP 50S.

Are the CommanderPro & recent CommanderPro 50S still relevant?Yes, while the GT PRO dethrones other contenders for the title of the ‘Highest Performing Wheel’, it does not come without sacrifices: the battery capacity & expected range in like-for-like usage will be at least 20% less than the CP & CP 50S; the weight is considerably more & from the first appearance it does not win any beauty contests.

Were there any unique changes made to the motor for the higher rotational speed?According to Begode, yes, they’ve collaborated with the motor manufacturer for this release, beyond just throwing a larger voltage into the windings. but they’re reluctant to share the details of the internals (for now)… The permanent magnet/stator width is the same 38mm as on previous iterations of the Master, MasterPro, CP, CP 50s.

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