Inmotion V11Y, 1,500Wh Battery/2,500W Motor (7KW Peak)

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  • Motor: 2,500W (7KW peak) high-torque motor, nearly double the torque! With a maximum ride speed increased to 37.3MPH
  • Battery Pack: 1,500Wh/84V battery pack, with Smart BMS, capable of rapid-charging to 10A/840W
  • Control board: Employing the Raptor 42x MOSFETs/18x large capacitor sealed controller
  • Suspension: 85mm of functional travel
  • Tire: CST-1488






2HR TO 80%







Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the V11Y over the V11?The V11Y offers several material upgrades to the nearly 5 year-old V11, most significantly an increase in power/torque, performance & exceptional reliability—through over-engineering the electronical components & a higher level of weather-protection built in from the ground up.

Can the current V11 be Upgraded to the V11Y?With the changes to the battery packs, controller & motor, it is not feasible to upgrade a V11 to V11Y, the cost would exceed a replacement Wheel.

When will the first shipments of the V11Y take place?We’re expecting the first 10x V11Y to arrive into port at the end of October, with another week for port processing, e.g. shipping out around November 7th. These machines are identical to the main production, with the exception of the orange stripe across the side panels; this round will have the stock 18×3″ CST-1488 tires installed.

Is this the same Raptor controller that is used on the V13 & upcoming V14?Yes, to achieve economies of scale, Inmotion are using the same 42x MOSFET Raptor controller. This is capable of outputing nearly twice the peak power over the V11’s 2nd generation controller.

How much of the 85mm of suspension travel is functional?
Unlike the linkage system employed on a number of these machines, one of the key benefits of the vertical suspension module is that it offers the full 85mm of travel vs 60-70% of the claimed travel range.

What type of battery cells are used in the packs?The Samsung 50E/GB, rated for up to 10-15A continuous discharge. The V11Y also has a new SmartBMS system for individual cell monitoring & over a dozen independent temperature sensors.

How is it possible to achieve the rated 10A of input charge current?Through the use of 2x 5A chargers across the 2x GX12-4 ports—a GX12-4 connector has a maximum recommended output of 5A. Both the stock 2.5A & 5A rapid-charger can be used simultaneously.

Which other tires are compatible for the V11Y?
Owing to the combination of the wide 50mm rim & narrow shell clearances, the choice of available tires for this model are rather limited. After testing a dozen of the 18×3″ tires, the Longxin L841 tire was the clear winner for tread depth, compound toughness & subjective ride qualities. Other available tires include the previous stock CST-1488 & Chao Yang H666. With the working constraints, there is no knobby tire available for this model.

The Specs have a maximum weight limit of 120kg/264lb, what are the areas that are susceptible to fatigue with increased load?Historically, manufacturers use the ‘stamped’ tire load as the limiting factor. In practice, modern tires have a burst strength that is several multiples of the rated/recommended weight. In practice the V11Y ought to be able to support Riders around the 300-320lb range.

How does the change in pedal height, 9.76″ to 9″ change the dynamics of the ride?The slightly shorter pedal height has varying benefits & trade-offs: the advantages are improved acceleration/braking performance, less sensation of being perched up on tilts. The slight downside is that the lower pedals have reduced ground clearance, although 9″ is comparatively still pretty high. These pedal brackets are fixed in place, does not have the adjustable mountings of the V12.

Is it possible to change out the orange stripe panels with the previous V11 type?Yes, those parts are interchangeable. The V11Y shares a number of common parts with the V11, such as the handle, suspension module, shell, pads & brackets.

Does the new 2.5KW motor have the same 6916 bearings & silicone seals as the V11?From 2022 onwards Inmotion has used the more robust 6916 bearings, with additional seal kit for improved water protection. These improvements will be part of the V11Y package & now use the larger 6908RS bearings in the motor.

V11Y Assembly & Independent QC Inspection

Inmotion V11Y Tire Testing