King Song S22 Pro, 1,776Wh Battery, 4,000W Motor, Suspension

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  • S22 PRO Available in either the ‘Classic’ Red & Black, or Anniversary Gold Scheme 
  • New Upgrades: New updates include the Gen 4 4KW PRO motors, premium Hou Ningning Slider Kits, & upgraded suspension linkages & motor bolts.
  • Custom Options: Due to the nature of the custom work performed, there may be up to a week’s delay before shipping out
  • Battery: 1,776Wh/126V Samsung 40T battery pack, with SmartBMS
  • Tires: 20″ tire, available in either street or knobby
  • Suspension: DNM Burner RCP-2S 240mm shock, with 75mm of useable travel
  • Weight: 77 lbs
  • Features: spiked pedals, integrated adjustable PowerPads, up to 10A rapid-charging (5A included), built-in kickstand

Color: Red & Black Base Model 3.4KW Motor


Tire: Knobby J820H





77 lbs


4-6 hours


265 LBS




50-70 MILES

The S22 has undergone a number of iterative improvements/changes since the release. In order to provide Customers with the maximum amount of choice for their needs & budget, we’re now offering the S22 in 5 different variants.

  1. Base: the original S22, with the 3.4KW motor, King Song sliders, & high power battery pack. Comes ready to use, out of box.
  2. Slider Upgrade: on the original S22 it has a vertical sliding system, with a nylon block that runs in a metal channel; this can become progressively stiffened over time. The upgraded CNC Hou slider-kit dramatically improves this mechanism, with high-durability bearing rollers, in CNC mounting brackets. If selecting this option, the Hou CNC kit will be shipped out separately, some installation is required.
  3. Slider + 4KW Pro Motor: in addition to the roller-sliders, the option includes the latest Generation 4 motor, which provides up to 30% more torque for better hill climbing. However, this comes at the expense of range, one can expect about 20% less mileage, about 50 miles as opposed to 65 miles in the original motor.
  4. Install Upgrades: With this option, our in-house Technicians will install all the upgrades & test out prior to shipping. You will also have the option of choosing between a street & knobby tire.
  5. Anniversary Edition S22 PRO: has all the latest upgrades preinstalled at the King Song factory. There is also the choice of street/knobby tire here too.

eWheels New Improved Updates to the S22 PRO

The S22 PRO Anniversary/Gold Edition:

In celebration of King Song’s 10th year since inception, King Song produced a limited production run of their Wheels in a distinctive gold scheme for the trim, panels & the motor rims. Under-the-hood, the core components of the S22 battery pack, BMS, controller & motor are identical. One unique difference is that the ‘Classic’/Red-black S22 uses the 3rd party Hou Ningning CNC slider kit installed, while the Anniversay Edition is using the 4th generation King Song sliders (just released) that are expected to be of equivalent quality & durability to the Hou slider kit.

This lastest S22 Anniversary Edition production run, mid-August, has undergone a 7-point independent QC validation check:

  1. Free motor rotation for detection of anomalous noises from the bearings/motor
  2. Tire wobble, ensuring the tires are mounted correctly onto the rims, use of tire lubrication compound during installation
  3. Vertical suspension movement is free, lacks unusual noises
  4. Validation battery packs charge up to ~126V, with 1V tolerance
  5. App connectivity, ensuring no error codes, once charged
  6. Use of 12.9 grade steel bolts on the motor brackets
  7. Upgraded suspension bolts linkages to the higher grade metal

Classic Upgrades & Validation Checks:

For ‘Classic’ S22 red-and-black orders, these undergo a 10-point refit/verification operation before shippeing out to Customers. This includes:

  1. Replace the original 3.4KW motor with the latest 4th gen 4,000W, steel core, for improved reliability/durability, superior bearing packaging & lubrication protection
  2. Install upgraded 12.9 motor bolts to minimize the risk of stripping during tire swap operations
  3. Fit tire/tube to the new motor, ensure the tire is distributed evenly around the rim
  4. Install the upgraded Hou Ningning slider-kit on the motor brackets
  5. Replace suspension linkage bolts/bearings with 12.9 grade steel bolts set
  6. Exchange the GX16-6 charge port with the new version with embedded capacitor—to improve charger reliability
  7. Update controller firmware & BMS to the latest versions
  8. Test charging using both the included 5A stock charger & rapid-charger
  9. Perform a short ride
  10. Package everything up in the original double-walled box, create unique GoogleAlbum folder of all the work carried—this is sent to Customers prior to shipping, as proof-of-work

Advantages of the Higher-power Samsung 40T Battery Cells

King Song originally selected the LG M50LT battery cell, not for any intrinsic technically sound reasons, but out of inertia from earlier S18 model. After an early preproduction demo S22 spectularly failed during evaluation, we demanded that our production of S22 use the more suitable Samsung 40T high-power cells that are rated for the massive swings in power output & regeneration that are expereniced in an application like an Electric Unicycle. 

The graphic above illustrates a core differentiation of a similar ‘high capacity’ Samsung 50E cell, to a 40T, in maintaining a higher voltage under a constant 15 Amp load—the effects of pulsed-power output in an Electric Unicycle application are even greater in the ‘burst’ capability of a cell with a significantly lower internal resistance.   

Beyond the advantage of providing more power-on-demand throughout the discharge curve, there are a number of other inherent advantages of the Samsung 40T cell, that include:


Considerably Safer: in stress/abuse tests, the 40T battery cells can operate at a much greater range of parameters, without premature degradation of cell’s internal structure.

Designed for Fast-charging: the 40T cell is rated for a charge rate of 6A vs 1.5-3.5A with the LG M50LT & is subject to a narrow band of temperature operation to achieve the higher rate of charge.

Temperature Variance Range: another advantage of the 40T is that it can operated in ambientant extreme temperatures , from -4°F up to 176°F, while the M50LT cell is limited to a much more prescribed temperature range.

Higher Operating Efficiency: with an internal resistance of 12.6mOhm vs 18.3mOhm of the M50LT, the 40T operates more efficently in higher discharge scenarios, such as high-speed runs, or sustained hill-climbing, meaning that a greater proportion of the cell’s energy is able to do useful work, rather than being converted into parastic heat. The Wh rating of a cell is not the complete picture!

Longevity & Stability: based on available data, in like-for-like high demand applications, a high-power 40T cell will offer superior % capacity over a couple hundred cycles, than a ‘high capacity’ cell & more importantly, the risks of latent degradation, leading to thermal run-away is reduced. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What were the most common problems on the S22 & have they now been addressed?The S20/S22 was first unveiled in August 2021, it had a delayed & troubled introduction with several systemic issues with the motor, lack of firmware optimization, poor slider mechanism design, bolts that were prone to stripping when carrying out routine tire/tube changes, & a high rate of charger failures. Through the use of upgraded 3rd party sliders & suspension arm bolts, & now with the latest 4th generation of motor (yes, it has taken King Song 4 attempts!), based on the current defect statistics, there is finally confidence that the present S22 has a high degree of reliability & durability.

In evaluating where to purchase my S22 from, what is the value of upgrades that eWheels is providing?The incremental volume cost of using high-powered Samsung 40T cells is about $100, a new 4th gen motor upgrade is $500, & the Hou slider-kits retail for over $200. At a minimum the additional component value is $500, to over $1,500, if one were to have to upgrade from a LG battery pack, bringing up to our current ship spec.

Have there been any changes to the controller & MOSFETs?According to King Song, the controller has the same architecture as when originally released. Depending supply constaints, King Song may use either a 125V or 150V FETs in the board, the higher 150V chip has a lower 45A peak spec, vs 100A with the 125V FET—on this controller, the 16x MOSFETs are arranged to in a 2x H-bridge configuration, for a maximum peak/burst output of 9,000W.

Does the ‘PRO’ 4KW motor have higher power consumption than the original 3.3KW motor under similar condition?Yes, there is data to demonstrate that the 4KW/PRO motor uses ~20-25% more energy under like-for-like riding than the original 3.3KW motor. This roughly translates into 40 miles of range @ 22MPH for the 4KW motor & 55 miles with the original 3.4KW motor. If you prefer range over power, let us know when ordering & we’ll use the original motor [pinned] for your order.

Although King Song advertises a 130mm range of vertical travel in marketing materials, what is the ‘usable’ range with the coil/spring DNM shock?
While under compression, a spring shock can only be compressesd to about ~60% of the stroke length, or 75mm. Comparatively speaking, this is still a considerable increase from the S18, which is 57mm.

Besides the stock knobby/J820-H & street/J863 tire, are the other tires 18/20×3″ tires compatible on the motor rim?The rim size is slightly larger than other 14″ rims, such as the Sherman/Begode, etc, therefore the current stock of Kenda & Chao Yang tires do not fit either the 3.4KW or 4KW motors. Other known tires that fit the motor/rim are the: Michelin Pilot Street 2 90/90-14, Shinko 241 2.75/14, Pirelli Angel 80/80-14. If you prefer to have one of those installed, when ordering, let us know your preference, the tire swap service will be provided for free, the additional cost of the tire is about ~$65.

What is the maximum rate of charge?While in theory the Samsung 40T cells can be charged at a higher rate than 10A, at a system level, there are other elements in the chain that limit charging to this rate: charge-port, wiring, & the BMS. For those using the LG M50LT cells, it is not recommended to exceed 8A.

I have a fair amount of experience working on Wheels, is it possible to install the upgraded components myself & receive a discount when ordering?
Yes, if you’re willing to take on the motor change, slider-kit, charge-port, & bolt install yourself, we can offer a $200 discount on the order, e.g. $3,000.

Do you stock all the spare parts for the S22?All of the S22 parts + upgrades are available to purchase on the /Parts section of the website.

I quite like the AE look, can I purchase those parts to install on my current Red & black S22?Certainly, we’ve acquired those customized parts that can be purchased separately. If ordering as a ‘kit’, the price is about $250 for the panels & pads set.

How weather-resistant is the Wheel?On the spectrum of available models, it’s about ‘average’. While King Song does not have a particular IP rating, based on the sales of hundreds of these S22s over the last two years, the number of fault cases attributable to the occasional use in wet conditions is very low. The standard recommendation is to not leave your Wheel exposed to the elements; try to avoid using in a heavy downpour, when possible; & do not ride through bodies of water.

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