E-TWOW GT SPORT 504Wh Samsung Battery/700W Motor, 25 MPH

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  • Latest Batch: Special Edition and Sport Models
  • High-performance: ~25 MPH scooter (for Sport)
  • The GT Sport is the most potent E-Twow eScooter, weighs about 30 lbs
  • The Samsung 504Wh battery pack provides up to 30 miles of range & enhanced reliability.
  • Unique in its class, no other eScooter provides the same power, range & capability in such a small and light package.
  • This scooter is designed with the highest standards and is essentially maintenance-free.
Type: 2023 Sport Edition


Colour: Black



25 MPH


29 LBS




220 LBS





Three Versions of the E-Twow GT

Evolution of the E-Twow GT

The E-Twow GT is unique: a higher-performance scooter with a net weight of just under 30lb. Since its release in 2019, it has undergone several iterative upgrades from 2019, 2020 Smart Edition, & now the Sport.   

The GT 2020 was equipped with a mechanical rear drum brake & kickstand (all E-Twow scooters can rest upright in the partially folded position). With the SE came App connectivity, & now the Sport offers a 3MPH performance boost, to 25MPH, with quicker acceleration off the mark.     

With the App, the scooter supports connecting to your Android/IOS phone for viewing speed, trip/battery information, and the ability to configure the speed limits, enable/disable the headlight, and change the start behavior, & software, lock the scooter.

One of the critical value differentiators between the GT Sport that we offer vs. other Sports being sold elsewhere is the use of the Samsung 10.5Ah battery pack. Although there’s a slightly higher upfront cost, the benefits are increased battery pack longevity, reduced defect rates, safer equipment, & the bonus of an extra >10% in range.   

E-Twow GT SE App

How to use the App.

Stay in touch with your scooter at all times! Get ready to enhance your riding experience with a smart app with Bluetooth wireless technology! 

To pair your scooter with your smartphone, you must ensure that Bluetooth is activated and your scooter is turned on and within range. Open Bluetooth settings, search for nearby devices and connect with your scooter to pair.

Once the connection is made, you will have digital access to the following scooter functions.

  • Set speed limit
  • Turn the lights on/off
  • Activate the Zero Start function*
  • Lock the scooter
  • More parts to come …

* Some app features are a work in progress and will be available in future updates.

About E-TWOW

In the developing world of eScooters, only two recognized companies have been around longer than six years with a proven track record: Minimotors and E-Twow. While the Minimotors range of scooters is recognized for their high-performance capabilities, E-Twow’s primary focus has been producing scooters in the sub-30lb class of ultraportables. When considering which scooter to buy, the choices have been either performance with >39lb weight or lightweight (with anemic performance), – but not both. The E-Twow GT is the first eScooter to break this trade-off barrier, offering the best of both worlds with high performance, excellent range, and substantially less weight than other scooters.

The presence of E-Twow scooters in the US is still relatively new; in Europe, the brand is much more established and commands a sizable share of the scooter market. One of the brand’s key differentiators is E-Twow’s absolute attention to detail in every facet, from the initial design to the execution. The defect statistics across other regions bear out this approach to achieving the highest quality standards. The reported unexpected (e.g., tire changes and other consumables) servicing rate stats are < 3 %/year, well below the industry standard. 

About E-TWOW

How Does It Compare?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the GT SE/Sport over the original GT On the “SE” model, as well as all the changes made for the GT 2020, the “SE” now has App support via Bluetooth to your Android/iOS phone for viewing speed, trip, and battery information, as well as the ability to configure the speed limits, enable the headlight, change the start behavior, and software lock the scooter.

With the solid tire, is the ride harsh? Not really; the spring dampeners on the front & rear absorb most of the impact from the road surface.

What type of battery cells are used in the GT? To achieve the maximum distance for weight, the E-Twow GT uses the Samsung 35E 3.5Ah cells, configured as a 13s3p 39-cell battery pack. The standard pack voltage is 48v & has a max charging voltage of 54.6.

Is there a rapid charger available?The stock charger has a 3A output, above the standard 1.5-2 charger typically found on an eScooter; this provides 80% charger in just 2.5hrs. Charging beyond this current has the potential of prematurely degrading the battery pack.

Is the E-Twow GW water-resistant? Can I use it in the rain?
The E-Twow GT is designed to be water-resistant; it ought to be okay if caught out in a light shower. Still, please avoid using it in heavy rain, keep the scooter stored indoors in a dry environment & avoid standing bodies of water that extend up to the deck level.

What optional accessories are available? We will be offering an E-Twow should strap ($39) & a cell phone holder ($25)

Does the GT have cruise control?No, E-Twow had removed this feature based on ‘safety’ grounds with the GT.

Will you be offering spare parts? What spares will I expect to need over time?
Yes, part of being a ‘full service’ Company is offering the largest selection of spare parts for all our products. You can find a list of available details through our online store.

What type of warranty is offered?We offer a one-year warranty for the parts & labor. It does not include shipping costs, which may be between $50-$150 (within the US), depending on the distance from our repair center in Tucson, AZ. While other dealers of Electric Scooters typically only offer a 3-6 warranty for the battery pack, we stand by all our products with a full one-year warranty. Exclusions to the contract are wear-and-tear & improper use; please refer to our warranty page for the full terms & conditions. https://www.ewheels.com/returns-and-warranty/

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