Inmotion V8F, 518Wh Battery/1000W Motor

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  • Sale: discounted from $1,199 to $999
  • Features: upgraded 21.7MPH max speed, more powerful motor, higher safety margin with new controller design, upgraded pedals, better pads, slightly more range
  • BONUS: free wrist-guards & protective cover


21.7 MPH


32 LBS




260 LBS





Inmotion V8F, V8, V10 Comparison & Advantages/Disadvantages

Since introduction back in 2016, the Inmotion V8 has been the best selling Electric Unicycle ever created. While it may not dominate in any single category such as speed, power, portability, & price, as a complete Wheel, it is arguably the best capability/price of any other single self-balancing Wheel, the perfect choice for someone looking to try out an Electric Unicycle, without breaking through the $1000 price barrier.  The V8F builds on this past success with subtle, but important upgrade package.


  • ‘Light weight’ 16″ Wheel: coming off the scales at just 32lb, just 2lb more than the V8, there is no other comparable 16″ with similar specifications & weight. The nearest contender is the King Song 16S, at 38.5lb & $250 more expensive. If have portability is your main consideration, then the V8F is going to be the Wheel of choice.    
  • Up-rated Performance Specs: while 3MPH extra speed may not sound all that significant on paper, in actual day-to-day usage, it feels considerably zipper. The chief complaint on the V8, was “I love the Wheel, but just wish I had an extra 2-3MPH additional speed”. Now with the 1000W motor (2000W peak), the V8F is expected to fulfill this desire to have a bit more speed headroom & reserve power for getting off the line & hill climbing. There is also an extra 38Wh of battery capacity, which should eek out another 2 miles of range.        
  • Larger Pedals: at first glance, something like the type of pedals is fitted with may seem trivial & insignificant, but when you consider that the only interface between you & the machine is the pedals, this component takes on an altogether different aspect. Historically, Electric Unicycle pedals were much too small for the typical Rider with >9′ feet, where 1/3 of a large foot would be without any pedal support. Manufacturers have finally responded with larger, gripper 9.5″ pedals for greater foot comfort. 
  • Ergonomics: another minor gripe on the V8 where the bulbous leading edges at the top of the Wheel creating an undesirably pressure point against the legs. In time Riders adapted to the design & the protective cover/pads, helped to minimize discomfort. now that V8F is fitted with new molded side-padding to make the ride more comfortable than ever before.  
  • Larger Tire: fitted with a 2.125″ tire for greater control & ride stability, the V8F is less ‘twitchy’ than before.  


  • Still a mid-Range Wheel: if you’re intending on using the Wheel much above 20 miles, with higher cruising speeds, then you may want to consider one of the many alternative options, like the V10/F, KS 16S/X, Gotway Tesla, or Nikola. There is the tendency for some Buyers to initially believe that they do not need to have a greater range or higher speed, but as they develop an appetite for riding, their riding needs exceed the capabilities of their first Wheel. 

Key Features of the V8F

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my existing V8 be upgraded to the V8F?In theory yes, but the material question is, is it worth it? The V8F has a new motor, battery pack, controller, pedals & pads, replacing these separately is going to cost more than the price of a new V8F. That said, some of the upgrades will be offered to purchase separately, such as the new V8F pedals & side padding. Another option may be to upgrade just the controller + motor, for the higher performance, which will cost around $500.

What is the additional weight of the V8F over the V8?Just 2lb from the upgraded 1000W motor.

Are most of the V8 parts compatible with the V8F?Yes, the essential form/structure is identical, sharing >75% of the V8’s body, lights, handle, panels, power switch. This has the advantage that these parts are readily available & comparatively inexpensive.

As shipped from the factory, what is the max speed?Without downloading/install the accompanying App, the Wheel has a 25kph/15.5mph limit. From the App, can you change the slider property to 35kph immediately in a few seconds.

Can I control the lights without having to use the App?
Using the combination of the under-handle switch & power button, you’ll can toggle the side atmospheric lighting on & off, for when you need to go into stealth mode. Headlight can be turned on/off by pressing & holding the power button. The rear tail-light remains on when the wheel is powered on.

How good is the water-protection on the V8F, can I use it in the rain? Going back to 2016, we’ve sold close to 1000x V8s, based on our experience, there has not been a single reported case of water induced damage of this model. Compared to other designs, the V8/F has a fully enclosed battery case, with silicon injection to help protect the battery from water ingress. There are also rubber seals between the housing & controller bay; from a design standpoint, it remains among the best water-protected Wheels being made. The manufacturer’s recommendation is that you can Ride the V8F in light rain & damp road surface, but try to avoid using in a heavy downpour, or leaving it outside exposed to the elements.

Is there a warranty with the purchase?Yes, eWheels offers a one year warranty from date of shipment, this includes labor & parts for non-consumable elements like the controller, motor & battery pack. Tires, innertubes, damaged sustained as a result of accidents are outside the scope of the warranty. We offer our Customers the choice of either taking on the repair themselves, or sending it in for repair at our Tucson service center, the shipping costs are not included.

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