King Song 14D, 340/420Wh Battery, 800W Motor

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  • BONUS: equipped with the upgraded XL pedals
  • 14D is in a class of it’s own, leaves similar entry/mid-range 14″ quite far behind in performance capability
  • Perfect choice for someone starting out, or looking to upgrade from an Airwheel, Segway S1, or even an Inmotion V5F
Colour: White


Battery Capacity: 420Wh

Battery Capacity


18.6 MPH


30 lbs


2-3hrs to 80%


200 lbs




21 miles

King Song 14D Video Review

How Does It Compare?

King Song 14D Background:

Back in early 2015 King Song’s first breakthrough into the world of Electric Unicycles was their 14C. At the time, it was unique for a 14″ Wheel, in that it possessed, what was then, a massive 64 cell battery pack & a 800W powerful motor & quickly found favour in the enthusiast community. While this Wheel had the raw performance, it also had several failings that held it back from being the success it might have been:

  • Control-board Overheating: if the Wheel was pushed at all, the temperature would quickly rise, forcing the Rider to dismount
  • Width: at over 8″ wide, it was short & stubby, not the most comfortable stance to ride in
  • Design: it was frequently accused of being a bit of an ugly duckling
  • Durability & waterproofing: it’s main weakness was that motor axle that was used had a tendency develop hairline fractures which degraded over time. The water-protective measures were not very good at all

The King Song Engineering team built on the lessons, of the brilliant but flawed 14C, to create the 14D/14S line. It’s now equipped with a larger heat-sink & active (fan) cooling to dissipate unwanted heat build-up during high intensity operation; in the case of the 14D, the Wheel is 2″ thinner; is beautifully sculptured & now has the all important retractable handle alleviating the need to lug it around. On the durability side, there are dozens of small improvements that are almost too numerous to mention, better screw holds, thicker shell; but for durability, the most important improvements are probably the ticker axle & better pedals.

Key Features of the KS14D:

The King Song 14D is the perfect choice for Riders wanting to keep their budget under $1,000, but still have an eWheel which is convenient, practical, powerful, reasonable fast & has 15-20 mile range:

  1. Speed: the cruising speed to 50% battery is 18.6mph, thereafter the speed is gradually reduced to preserve the Rider’s safety;
  2. Power: the 14D is equipped with a 800W (sustained) motor & a tuned control-board that can output several times more than than nominal power output in short burst;
  3. New Control-board: the six MOSFETs (electronic switches that power the motor) have upgraded to 350A of MAX power, up-rated connectors, better power delivery, several under-the-hood improvements;
  4. More Atmospheric LEDs:  there are more programmable LEDs on each side of the Wheel for a greater visual impact;
  5. Integrated Telescopic Handle: the handle is made of a cast magnesium-alloy, which is unique to the other KS Wheels, where the handle is made from plastic, this gives the 14D/14S a feeling of solidity & strength in the hand.

14D Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Value: At $899, this model is one of the best value-for-money Electric Unicycles being offered;
  • Design & Comfort: the 14D is an attractive Wheel. It has narrow contouring sides, which makes it comfortable & an instant pleasure to ride. In contrast to it’s sibling, the 14S, because of it’s larger battery packs, it’s slightly wider than the 14D.
  • Comparatively Small, Compact & Lightweight: although the difference between a 14″ & a 16″ Wheel may not appear to be much, in the case of the 14D, it’s 10lb lighter than the KS16S, the overall cubic dimensions are 1/3 less than the larger Wheel. This means the 14D can be conveniently stowed under a car seat, or other tight space, where a larger 16″ would not be able to fit.
  • Performance: combination of the 800W motor & 420Wh battery pack supports a reasonably high cruising speed of 18.6MPH. The battery pack offers reasonably good range, typically between 15-20 miles for a 150lb Rider on a flat, smooth road.
  • Durability & Quality: based on our experience with selling hundreds of this mode, the construction is designed last the test of time & can take quite a lot of abuse. Many of the components are over-engineered to ensure it will continue operating for many years of daily commuting. There are other nice touches to the 14D, some of these are not even found on the larger (more expensive) Wheels, like the handle that is constructed of a high strength magnesium alloy.


  • Maximum Cruising speed limited to 50% of Charge: to preserve the Rider’s safety, the firmware on the 14D is programmed to reduce the maximum cruising speed from 18.6mph at 50% (or when the voltage fall below 58v), in progressive decreasing speed increments. This feature means that you can expect to be riding the Wheel at a lower speed towards the end of a long journey from when you had set off. On the larger battery version, the 14S, its firmware is programmed to allow you to continue riding at the maximum cruising speed down 30% capacity, or 55v & also has double the battery, so that you can ride at the higher cruising speed for 3x longer than the 14D.  
  • Recommended weight limit to 200lb: the 14D is fitted with 32x 18650 battery cells, each one delivers a finite amount of power to the Wheel. The more of these battery cells a machine has (up to a point), the more continuous power it is capable of delivering. A Rider’s weight is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing what Wheel is the best fit for you. If you’re over 200lb, or expect to do a lot of hill climbing, than the 14S is a better choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between the 340Wh & 420Wh, except for the range? No, both variants have the same quantity of cells, 32x, each is rated for a peak sustained power output of 10 Amps, so there’s no difference in power performance. The 420Wh pack has the LG MJ1 3.5Ah cells, for a combined capacity of 420Wh; while the 340Wh has the Panasonic PF 2.9Ah cells,totalling 340Wh. In terms of range, you should expect around 20-25Wh/mile.

I’m torn between between the KS14D, Segway S1 & Inmotion V5FIf you want an Electric Wheel that you will not quickly outgrow, then choosing the 14D, among these other 14″ Wheels is a popular choice. A frequent compliant among owners of the S1, & to a lesser extent for the V5F, is that the top-end speed of 12-15MPH, which might not be enough. Very frequently within a couple weeks of using these other Wheels, there is wish that they can go faster, provide more power & longer range.

Is the 14D water resistant, IPxx certified, can I use it in the rain? This Wheel has a number of protective measures to prevent rain from causing havoc with the sensitive Electronics. As most manufacturers do not certify their IP ratings, they is generally no accurate guide for judging the protective qualities of a Wheel. Our recommendation is that you can use the Wheel in light or wet conditions, but try to avoid using it in a heavy downpour, also do not leave it outside sitting in the rain.

I know the 14S has double the number of batteries of the 14D, but are there other differences besides?No, not really. To accommodate the larger pack, the 14S is 2″ fatter & 5lb heavier than the 14D—some owners put great value the qualities of thinness & weight. The motor, control-board, & about 90% of the shell are identical in the 14S.

Is it possible to purchase the 14D now, then upgrade the Wheel to the 14S at a later time?
Purchasing a replacement 840Wh battery pack is about expensive, about $600. In addition, you’ll need a set of replacement 14S outer-shells to accommodate the larger pack & a new control-board with the 14S firmware. When all these costs are added up, it’s 90% the cost a new 14S. You are probably better off, offloading to 14D to a friend, family, or someone looking to getting into Wheeling, & purchasing a new 14S.

Can I take the 14D aboard commercial flights?Although each airline may have their own particular policy, the standard for taking battery powered Personal Electric Vehicles aboard aircraft is that 1) the battery pack must be below 160Wh, 2) the battery must be removed. Unfortunately, neither of these requirements is met this model Wheel. It might be possible to remove the battery & send on by courier, but you’ll need to get written confirmation from the airline if you are thinking about taking this approach.

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