King Song 16X 1554Wh Battery/2200W Motor, 3" Wide Tire

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  • 16X in stock
  • Discount: for a limited time, the 16X ‘Classic’ has been discounted by $350, from $2,099
  • Bonus: free wrist-guards & upgraded 2.5A charger included with Wheel
  • 16×3″ Tire, 2200W Motor, Max speed of ~31MPH, 1554Wh battery
  • Range of up 65 miles per charge
  • All new design with 4.1 speaker system, retractable trolley, with high ground clearance
Type: 16X Classic



31 MPH


51.8 lbs


<4 hrs to 80% (5A charger)


300 lbs




~65 miles

What’s New in the King Song 16X, Anniversary Edition:

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the King Song’s founding, they produced a limited production run of the 16X with an all unique gold trim, with upgraded pads & spiked pedal set. The under-the-panel elements of the Wheel remain the same e.g. battery, motor, controller & ancillary hardware.

King Song 16X vs the Gotway Nikola

King Song 16X vs Gotway Nikola 

Both the King Song 16X & Gotway Nikola were released at around the same period, an assessment of the capabilities of the 16X should be made within context of the Nikola. Since introduction, Gotway have already produced several large battery variations of the Nikola, including a 84V/2100Wh, 100V/1845Wh & now a 1800Wh with the Panasonic 21700 format battery cells. In the 100V configuration, the Nikola has max speed performance advantage over the 16X, but the 16X is equipped with a more powerful 2200W motoor.  

  • Design: the 16X is a radical departure from the standard King Song design theme—first unveiled back in late 2015 with the 16B— which was replicated across the whole model range in variation with the 14D/S, 16S, & 18L/18XL. The Nikola is more in keeping traditional designs such the Inmotion V8/V10 but has some unique visual properties, like the high-density LED atmospheric ring around the whole outer perimeter of the Wheel.     
  • Price: the Nikola in the same spec is $100 less expensive than the 16X.  
  • Weight: the advantage here goes to the King Song 16X, which is around 2lb/~1kg lighter than the Nikola.
  • Dimension & Wheel Width: both Wheels match the height (23.2″) & length (15.7″) but differ in the width, where the King Song is 1″ thinner than the Nikola at its widest point (with the pedal folded up).  
  • Folding Handle: on the Nikola, Gotway have gone with a folding design, similar to the Inmotion V5F/V10 & Ninebot E+, where the handle is folded around the contours of the body. With the Ninebot E+, this choice proved to be a particularly weak point in the Wheel. In contrast, King Song’s vertically centered retractable handle provides better stability when trolleying, after a number of iterations on the 18XL, it is considered to be one of the best designs available. 
  • Other Notes: Gotway claims the Nikola has 2x 25W stereo speakers, which if true, is a significant step-up from the standard 5W speakers found on every other Wheel with the Bluetooth Music service. The 16X sports quad-5W speakers in addition to a 10W sub-woofer.
    The 16X has a seat option, as well as a rear mud-guard (which is standard equipment), while the Nikola has neither.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any changes/upgrades in this production run? Yes, King Song have made some refinements to the controller, firmware & improvements to water-protection—still not recommended taking it out in a thunder storm…

What type of tire is fitted in the current production? Based on Customer feedback, the Chao Yang 16×3″ seems to provide the best combination of tread longevity & smooth ride performance. The original Dalishen tire had mixed reception & the CST CX321 has a shorter <1500 mile lifespan.

I’m having a hard time deciding between the 16X & 18XL, what can we expect in the differences in ride quality between these models? Functionally, the distinguishing trait between the 18XL & the 16X are the tire dimensions. The 18XL has a 18×2.5″ tire, while the 16X has the smaller but wider 16×3″ tire. What this means in practice is that the 16X will probably possess faster acceleration, more torque for hill-climbing, better off-roading with the wide tire, but the 18XL will be the superior option for long distance cruising on paved surfaces.

What is the maximum recommended rate of charge?Although the 16X has two input charge ports, for safety reasons, it’s not recommend to charge the Wheel at a higher rate than 5A. If you already own a Gotway rapid-charger, we offer a special adapter connect that converts the GX16 4-pin connector to the rectangular Lenovo style connector. More information about our line of 84.2v rapid-charger can be found here:

How water resistant is the 16X, can I use it in the rain?
The general recommendation for all Electric Unicycles is that it ought to stand up for riding in the wet or light rain, but to try avoid using in a heavy downpour, avoid puddles & bodies of standing water. Please store your Wheel inside, prolonged exposure to moisture will result in decreased life expectancy of the machine.

Key Features of the 16X

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