Sherman Max, 3,600Wh Battery/2,800W Motor.

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  • Upgraded Sherman Max
  • Main highlights: 3,600Wh battery pack (a 400Wh upgrade over previous version), 2,800W motor with 20% more torque than original, low RPM over-current protection, thicker 10AWG motor phase wires, & new pedal bracket design   
  • Shipped with the choice of the knobby K262 tire, or Street K340A 
Tire: Street (340A)



45 MPH




<6 hrs to 80% (Rapid Charger)


330 Lbs




~100 miles

The Sherman Max: Power, Speed & Durability

Introducing the Veteran Sherman Max, a unicycle that has been designed to provide the ultimate performance experience. Equipped with a powerful 3600Wh battery and a formidable 2800W motor, this unicycle offers riders an impressive range of up to 230km on a single charge. This impressive range, combined with the unicycle’s 20-inch wheels, allows riders to comfortably tackle any terrain, making it the perfect choice for adventurers seeking a reliable and capable mode of transportation.

In addition to its impressive power and range, the Sherman Max also features a number of additional features that make it truly unique. The unicycle boasts a metal cage for added protection, as well as a sleek LCD screen that allows riders to track their speed and other important stats. This screen also adds to the unicycle’s overall aesthetic, making it a true standout in the world of electric unicycles.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the thrill of the ride with the Veteran Sherman Max. This unicycle is sure to impress even the most discerning riders with its impressive power, range, and features. So why wait? Get your hands on the Sherman Max and discover the thrill of the ride for yourself.

Max Motor Upgrades: the Sherman Max has loads more more torque for propelling heavier riders up steep inclines & greater acceleration. In addition, the motor wires use thicker 10AWG gauge for cooler sustained power output & an all new motor rim that’s more resiliant to impact damage.  

Charge Port Upgrades: the GX16-5 charge port connector are fitted with wires on pin 1-2 (+) & 4-5 (-) to support up to 8A for a single charger, or 13A combined, using a combination of the 5A stock & 8A rapid-chargers. 

Pads: the Sherman Max comes with a free set of Powerpads

Fender & Seats: there are two different style seats available, a half-sized 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the earlier Shermans be upgrade to the Max? Possibly, by installing the new motor & changing the firmware, we will be working on offering the parts to afor this option by the late spring.

What are the tire options available? The Sherman Max will be fitted with the same Kenda K262 20″ knobby (as the original) during assembly—historically >90% of Customers prefer the knobby tire. We also have a couple street tire options, the Kenda 340A or Chao Yang 18×3″ H666.

Can the Dashboard/Display interface be used to configure the Wheel settings?Yes, most functionality such as the riding modes, pedal angle, max speed limits, lighting (including backlight) & calibration can all be set through the LCD interface. Similar to other Wheels, there will also be an App interface, expected support through EUC World & Darknessbot.

Will side-pads be included?Yes, the pads are current in the process of being produced.

What type of charger is packaged?
The Sherman comes with a 100.8V/5A charger by default. There is an upgraded 8A charger, which will be available at the same time as the Max’s arrival, both the stock & rapid-charger can be used at the same time for a combined current output of 13A.

With this enormous 3,600Wh battery pack, what is the real-life one can expect? Assuming a 170lb Rider, cruising at ~20MPH, the typical power consumption on an Electric Unicycle is 25Wh/mile. The Sherman Max should far surpass the 100 miles barrier, with maximum range just shy of 150 miles.

What are the pedal dimension & clearance to the ground? These pedals are made of a magnesium alloy, with the dimensions of 9.85″ x 5.11″, with an exceptional 6.9″ of ground clearance.

Will there be an seat option for long-distance travel?
Yes, we have these in stock now.

Are there integrated speakers & lift button? No, the principle design object of the Sherman, like the tank for whom it takes its name, is all about utilitarian performance; dispensing with the common LED array, while the the lift handle would not really serve of much benefit on such a heavy machine.