Begode ET Max, 3,000Wh/4,500W (>10KW peak)

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  • Availability: 900lb & 1,300lb variants in stock
  • Bonus: upgraded with set of premium SKF bearings & tubeless tires
  • Performance: 168V/3,000Wh battery pack, with 4,500W high-torque motor
  • Suspension: all new 130mm spring/coil shock with adjustable top/bottom rebound controls
  • Frame: CNC cut high strength alloy materials
  • Charging: rapid-charge capable of 20A/3,360W
  • Other: integrated CNC flip-up handle, kickstand, adjustable velcro pads, high performance tire, accent LEDs
Spring Weight: 900lb

Spring Weight






1HR TO 80%






100+ MILES

NEW: Exclusive to eWheels

To maximize the rapid-charge capabilities of the ET Max, buyers have the option to purchase the 4580, 170V/20A rapid-charger, outputting 3,400W, at a discounted price of $299—you’ll need a 20A circuit for peak power. The charger is a compact 11x4x2″, weighing 3.7lb, & comes with carrying case. There is no other Wheel being offered with a sub-one hour charging solution as part of the standard equipment.

For new ET Max orders, we are delighted to announce this production will fitted with a high performance CST-922 tubeless street tire, painted black rim (to maintain a better air seal), tubeless stem & upgraded SKF bearings—these bearings are generally considered to be of the highest standard, with rubber seal for increased lifespan & weather protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one choose between the 900lb & 1,300lb spring?Choosing your preferred spring weight has a number of variables, such as the Rider’s preference, use case (such as road, or off-road use), but in general, for Riders around/below 180lb, the 900lb is more suitable, while above this weight, the 1,300 spring is recommended.

Can I change out the spring, if I feel the shocks is either too hard, or to soft?Yes, we have a load of those springs which can be purchased separately.

What charger(s) is packaged with the ET MAX?The stock (factory) charger is 5A/170V, Customer also have the option of purchasing an additional 20A/170V rapid-charger at a discounted $300, to reach the full sub-1 hr/3,400W potential. Please note the rapid-charger requires a high current 20A/220V outlet to reach the full potential. If using on standard 15A outlet, please do not exceed 10A with the rapid-charger. Additionally, do not use two chargers at once, if you have the rapid-charger set on the highest output setting, the maximum charge rate of the ET Max must not exceed 20A total!

Will there be a cheaper version of the ET Max with the Samsung 50GB cells?At the initial release, that was the plan, but after additional testing, Begode decided to drop the lower power 50GB options, the ET Max is now only available with the high-power 50S cell.

What type of charge-port interface is used on the ET Max?
It is a GX 20-3 pin connector, 1+, 3-.

Will the ET Max be packaged with Powerpads?Yes, this is the first Begode Wheel to offer a large-flat side surface area, with Velcro applied, for maximum customization & adjustment for each Rider’s needs, or alternative pads to be fitted.

How does the ‘no-load’ speed translate into actual ride speed?The ‘no-load’ spin speed is a rough approximation of the absolute rotational speed of the Wheel, without any load! For safety, the Rider must respond the 3rd level PWM alarm, which is dynamically calculated based on the current load, RPM speed & battery level. At this time, the maximum cruising speed of the ET Max has not been demonstrated, based on the specifications, & no-load speed, the machine is expected to be capable of hitting speeds on a track of 55-60MPH.

What are the different ride heights with the adjustable brackets?
These can be adjusted at 0.6″ increments, reference from the bottom of the battery case: 0.6″, 1.2″, & 1.8″. Pedal height from the ground will be updated once the first sample has been received.

What is the maximum Rider weight/payload on the ET Max?Historically, manufacturers use the ‘stamped’ tire load as the limiting factor. In practice, modern tires have a burst strength that is several multiples of the rated weight. On a raw power capability basis, apart from the Lynx, the ET Max has such a commanding lead, it’s expected to be able to support heavier Riders up to around 350lb.

What type of tire will be fitted?Exclusive to eWheels is the tubeless rim & high performance tire. Tubeless tires are generally a great deal more reliable, as >90% flats are the result of tube abrasion against the inside of the tire wall, or stress on the valve stem. Begode has a high-performance motorcycle CST-922 90/90-14″ tire for optimial combination of stability & treadlife.

Will there be a knobby tire option?Although created principally as a ‘track racer’ machine, if demand exists for the knobby tire, we will have a proportion equipped with the Kenda 262 during production—there are currently no knobby tires in this size that support tubeless.

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