VSETT 9+ 910/1,008Wh Battery, 2x 650W Motor(s)

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  • Option 1: Single-motor 52V/17.5Ah, 910Wh battery
  • Option 2: Dual-motor 48V/21Ah, 1,008Wh battery
  • Both scooters capable of high > 26 MPH performance
  • 33% increase in range/performance over early-generation Dart/Swift models
  • The estimated range of the VSETT 9 17.5Ah battery pack is ~38 miles distance or ~45 miles with the 21Ah pack.
  • Main features: excellent suspension, dual-disc brakes, NFC security, deck lighting, separate voltmeter, large color dashboard, stem-to-deck lock, large 8.5×3″ tires, dual-input charging ports.
Vsett 9 Type: Single-motor 17.5Ah/52V, 910Wh

Vsett 9 Type


26/32 MPH


57/62 LBS




265 LBS


910/1,008WH LG



How Does the VSETT 9/9+ Compare?

A Closer Look at the VSETT 9/+

Tire Upgrade

The Vsett 9/9+ is fittted with an all new 3″ wide tire, 50% wider than on the earlier generation scooters. This wider tire offers a number of ride quality benefits of better stability at speed,  longer service life, & reduced likelihood of punctures, having a larger contact surface area with the road surface.

In short, if you intended to use the scooter exclusively on a paved environment, then go for the street tires. If it’s a mix of paved & off-road terrain, then the hybrid tires will be better suited for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the dual-motor VSETTT 9+ operate at 48V, while the single-motor is 52V?With the additional controller, to power the front motor, there is less internal deck space a 14s battery configuration. However, even at the 48V nominal voltage, with two motor can propel the VSETT 9+ 6MPH faster than the single-motor variant, & has considerably superior climbing power.

What is the weight penalty of having two motors vs one?About 4lb

What type of brakes are fitted to the scooter?Front/rear cable disc brakes. In addition, each motor has regenerative braking to supplement the mechanical brakes.

Is there an App for the Vsetts?Not at this time, the settings are configured through the display interface.

How waterproof is the Lightning, can I use it in the rain?
The Manufacturer’s recommendation is that you try to avoid excessively wet conditions, puddles & standing water. During assembly, the factory has sealed up the entry points to the battery compartment, etc; however, if it is very wet, water may find its way into the sensitive interior, resulting in water related damage.

Do you ship outside of North America Unfortunately not at this time.

How many charge/discharge cycles can one expect from the battery pack? This depends on a variety of factors: the weight of the Rider, high usage of regenerative braking, frequent hill use, how hard it’s driven, weather conditions (freezing temperatures are not ideal for Li-ion batteries), & most importantly the end-point charging voltage. If you use the 5A fast-charger & set the termination point to 80-90%, this single action alone can extend the lifespan of the battery by up to 3-4 times! The other benefit of partial charging, is that it lowers the risk of degrading your battery pack through the use of regenerative braking on a full charge.

With the dual-charger inputs, what is recommended maximum rate of charge?
We offer an optional 58.8V/5A rapid-charger for the scooter (see below), which represents roughly a 1:1 ratio of charge to ride time, this is about 3x higher than the stock charger. For the given size of the battery pack, using 2x 5A chargers together is possible & still be well within the ‘normal’ charging specification of the battery pack.

What type of warranty is provided?We offer a one year warranty for the parts & labour. It does not include shipping costs, which may be between $80-$200 (round-trip within the US), depending on the distance from our repair center in Tucson, AZ. While other dealers of Electric Scooters typically only offer a 3-6 warranty for the battery pack, we stand by our products with a full one year warranty. Exclusions to the warranty are wear-and-tear & improper use, please refer to our warranty page for the full terms & conditions.

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