Wheel Compatibility
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Lynx: Front Handle Bracket, LeftLynx: Front Handle Bracket, Left
Lynx: Front Handle Bracket, RightLynx: Front Handle Bracket, Right
Lynx: Rear Handle Bracket, LeftLynx: Rear Handle Bracket, Left
Lynx: Rear Handle Bracket, RightLynx: Rear Handle Bracket, Right
Lynx: Front/Rear Handle Cross-barLynx: Front/Rear Handle Cross-bar
Lynx: Front Protective Bumper, LeftLynx: Front Protective Bumper, Left
Lynx: Front Protective Bumper, RightLynx: Front Protective Bumper, Right
Lynx: Suspension Dust-cover, LeftLynx: Suspension Dust-cover, Left
Lynx: Suspension Dust-cover, RightLynx: Suspension Dust-cover, Right
Lynx: Trolley RailsLynx: Trolley Rails
Sale price$32.00
Lynx: Trolley HandleLynx: Trolley Handle
Sale price$32.00
Lynx: Kickstand, LeftLynx: Kickstand, Left
Sale price$35.00
Lynx: Kickstand, RightLynx: Kickstand, Right
Sale price$35.00
Leaperkim: Kickstand, Cross-barLeaperkim: Kickstand, Cross-bar
Lynx: Controller Panel, no DisplayLynx: Controller Panel, no Display
Leaperkim: New DisplayLeaperkim: New Display
Sale price$62.00
Lynx: Top Panel
Sale price$37.00
Lynx: FenderLynx: Fender
Sale price$49.00
Lynx: HeadlightLynx: Headlight
Sale price$43.00
Lynx: Tail-lightLynx: Tail-light
Sale price$39.00
Lynx: Charge-portLynx: Charge-port
Sale price$18.00
Lynx: Charge-port FlapLynx: Charge-port Flap
Sale price$5.00
Lynx: Fork Wire GuideLynx: Fork Wire Guide
Sale price$28.00
Lynx: Metal Battery Panel/Case, SingleLynx: Metal Battery Panel/Case, Single
Lynx: Reverse Battery Panel, RightLynx: Reverse Battery Panel, Right
Lynx: Reverse Battery Panel, LeftLynx: Reverse Battery Panel, Left
Lynx: 58lb, Left Shock AssemblyLynx: 58lb, Left Shock Assembly
Lynx: 58lb, Right Shock AssemblyLynx: 58lb, Right Shock Assembly
Lynx: 62lb, Right Shock AssemblyLynx: 62lb, Right Shock Assembly
Lynx: 62lb, Left Shock AssemblyLynx: 62lb, Left Shock Assembly
Lynx: 66lb, Left Shock AssemblyLynx: 66lb, Left Shock Assembly
Lynx: 66lb, Right Shock AssemblyLynx: 66lb, Right Shock Assembly
Lynx: 70lb, Left Shock Assembly, ReboundLynx: 70lb, Left Shock Assembly, Rebound
Lynx: 70lb, Right Shock Assembly, CompressionLynx: 70lb, Right Shock Assembly, Compression
Lynx: 58lb Spring/Coil Replacement, SetLynx: 58lb Spring/Coil Replacement, Set
Lynx: 62lb Spring/Coil Replacement, SetLynx: 62lb Spring/Coil Replacement, Set
Lynx: 66lb Spring/Coil Replacement, SetLynx: 66lb Spring/Coil Replacement, Set
Lynx: 70lb Spring/Coil Replacement, SetLynx: 70lb Spring/Coil Replacement, Set
Leaperkim: Fastace Shock Seal KitLeaperkim: Fastace Shock Seal Kit
Lynx: Lower Motor Bracket, Magnesium, SetLynx: Lower Motor Bracket, Magnesium, Set
Leaperkim: Suspension to Motor Clamps, Set. Lynx, Sherman-S, Patton
Lynx Motor Assembly, 3,200WLynx Motor Assembly, 3,200W
Sale price$490.00
Veteran: Lynx Motor RimVeteran: Lynx Motor Rim
Sale price$230.00
18×3/14×2.75 Kenda Tube18×3/14×2.75 Kenda Tube
Sale price$25.00
14-80/90 Tire, TNT J-2306 Tubeless. Lynx14-80/90 Tire, TNT J-2306 Tubeless. Lynx
20×3″ Tire, Kenda K262 Knobby. Sherman-S, Master20×3″ Tire, Kenda K262 Knobby. Sherman-S, Master
Beidou Lynx CNC Lowering Pedal BracketsBeidou Lynx CNC Lowering Pedal Brackets
Beidou Lynx Cyclops High/Low Beam HeadlightBeidou Lynx Cyclops High/Low Beam Headlight
Winged Pattern, CNC Spiked Pedal Set, Lynx/Patton BracketsWinged Pattern, CNC Spiked Pedal Set, Lynx/Patton Brackets
Veteran Lynx CNC Seat Kit, RedVeteran Lynx CNC Seat Kit, Red

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