Begode Falcon, 900Wh Battery, 2,800W (Peak Power)

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  • First batch sold out, next ETA mid-July
  • Price: $1,699, with $500 deposit, & $1,199 balance on arrival
  • Cruising Speed: 28MPH max speed
  • Battery Pack: 900Wh/100.8V battery using the Samsung 50S high-powered battery cells
  • Control board: 24x MOSFET controller rated for 280A peak current
  • Suspension: interchangeable springs & damper
  • Tires: choice of 15×3.5″ street or knobby tire
  • Features: integrated rear trolley handle, highly water resistant, spiked pedals, tubeless 15″ tires, upgraded display, metal reinforced chassis/battery chambers.
Tire: Street



~31 MPH






320 LBS




40-45 MILES

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the final, ‘production ready’ version of the Falcon be available?With the shutdown for Chinese New Year over the month of February, expectations are that iterative prototypes will resume towards the end of February, with a final ‘production ready’ type around mid-March. The core design of the Wheel, e.g. frame, electronics, suspension, are sound, but work remains to be done for adding improved rebound responsiveness, pads, handle, etc

What are some key features/specifications of the Falcon?Significantly more power than any other 14″ Wheel in production today, with a maximum top speed of 31MPH/50kph, spring suspension, integrated handle(s), in a packaged footprint similar to the current A2. The objective is to provide a compact ‘sporty’ feeling Wheel that can go nearly anywhere, & do just about anything.

Is it possible that the final version of the Falcon will weigh less than 55lb?Given the stringent specification requirements of the comparatively large battery capacity, sturdy construction, wide-tire etc, packaging all this in a sub-50lb machine is a challenge. There may be some weight shedding measures with ribbed metal battery boxes, similar to other models, but this remains to be seen.

Will there be an alternative knobby tire option?Yes, we’ll be offering a choice of the slick/street tire, or the same knobby as is currently fitted on the A2.

I see in the specifications/details that the motor is the same as the A2, does this mean that the power will be similar to that of an A2 ?
No, this is a common misconception of all Wheels; just because a manufacturer has a motor of a certain nominal power rating, there are other, more important factors, like the sustained power output of the battery pack & controller that will have greater influence to the sustained power.

Can the suspension be adjusted & springs swapped out?That’s the plan: this first prototype had a set 4mm hardened steel springs, designed for Riders in the 120-200lb weight range. Other spring options will be available [and installed] closer to the shipping date. The adjustable rebound function is also on the roadmap for first shipment.

What sort of pads/side will it be shipped with?Begode is working on modifing the current design with flushed velcro sides to allow Customers to use their preferred pads, a set of stock pads will be included.

Is there going to be an integrated trolley handle?
Absolutely, this is core to the design. Even in this first prototype, there’s a slot for a rear telescopic handle, extending to a height of 32″. We’re also working on having a front handle installed for the final release.

Is the Falcon rapid-charge compliant?Yes, the machine has the high-power Samsung 50S cells, while in theory rated at 10A between the two packs, 24s2p, it’s highly recommended to keep the charge rates 20% below this limit for the other elements in the circuit, such as the charge connector, wiring, & BMS.