Extreme Bull Commander Pro 50S, 3,600Wh Battery/4,000W Motor (8KW Peak)

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  • ETA: June
  • Motor: 4,000W (+8KW peak) C40 high-torque motor, with a maximum ‘no-load’ spin speed of 75 MPH
  • Battery Pack: 3,600Wh/134V high-power Samsung 50S battery pack,. Capable of rapid-charging at 20A/2,680W
  • Control board: equipped with 36x 200V/132A for a theoretical peak power output of 792A
  • Suspension: 90mm of functional travel
  • Tire: CST racing tire







<2HR TO 80%






~130 MILES

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the competitive advantage of the Commander Pro 50S?Begode/Extreme Bull has a history of producing a lot of different models at a higher release tempo. This new Commander Pro 50S (CP 50S) is an iterative upgrade on the previous Commander Pro, with some noteworthy upgrades, that include: 1) high-powered Samsung 50S battery packs, 2) upgraded 75MPH ‘free-spin’ high-torque C40 motor, 3) a new 36x MOSFET controller with a peak power potential of 792A, 4) CNC handle/grips set, a $280 value, 5) fitted with a slick street tire.

How does this model compare to the present & upcoming models?While the GT PRO commands supremacy in the theoretical maximum speed, its battery pack is 20% smaller, possesses less torque throughout most speeds, & weighs 6lb more. For most Riders, even performance Riders, the CP 50S is expected to be a more practical Wheel for everyday use. The CommanderPro has a niche in being a comparable less expensive machine, $500 less, while having similar specs for range, speed, & range, although less torque through the optimal RPM range.

What is the actual ride potential of this Wheel?The general safety margin between ‘no-load’ & ‘cruising speed’ is about 15-20kph/9.3-12.4mph, this places the CommanderPro 50S in the region of the 60MPH top-end speed.

Will the CP 50S be offered with different battery packs?Begode/EB is making a big push to package these new high-performance cells in their premium Wheels, hence the name ’50S’. The Samsung 50S cells are perfectly paired to drive this new 36x MOSFET controller of the CP 50S. In considering the value/cost of the cells, there is not much material savings in using the inferior 50Es in this application.

How does the motor in the CP50S different from the regular CP & GT PRO?
It shares the same c40 high-torque motor as the EX30, but with the added special ingredients of the high-power 50S cells & piston suspension setup. One of the complaints with EX30 is the low clearance of the battery packs, cases, which is is not present on the CP50S. Overall, the CP50S is expected to have a marginal performance advantage to the EX30.

When will the first shipments take place?The first arrivals are expected to arrive in mid-January.

How much of the 90mm of suspension travel is functional? Unlike the linkage system employed on a number of other Begode models, one of the key benefits of the vertical suspension module is that it offers the full 90mm of travel vs 60-70% of the claimed travel range.

What charger is packaged with the CP50S & what is the maximum rate of charge?
This Wheel is packaged with a 134V/5A, capable of charging from 0-80% in under 4hrs. The maximum rate of charge is 20A/2,680W, assuming a 25mph cruise speed, this is about a 3:1 ratio of ride-to-charge time.

What tire is it installed with?A new CST slick tire, this is a high performance motorcycle tire, more details will follow.

Will the CNC front/rear roll-bar & handle be included as standard equipment?Yes, those parts will be included as part of the shipped package.

Are Velcro pads included?Yes, same style/type of pad as the other Extreme Bull models, such as the Mini, CommanderPro, & CP 50S.

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