Inmotion V12/V12 PRO, 1,750Wh/2,500W Motor

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  • NEW: V12 PRO in stock, equipped with the new Raptor controller for more torque. V12 HS & HT also in stock  
  • Upgraded Huntek MOSFETs for better performance, efficiency, thermal stability, and long life span
  • Features: 100.8V, 1,750Wh battery, 2,500W motor, 37- 43.5MPH max speed, all new color touchscreen capacitance display, Bluetooth speaker, atmospheric LED lighting, etc
Motor Type: V12 High-Torque

Motor Type


37-40+ MPH


64 LBS




265 LBS





The V12 ‘PRO’ is an incremental evolution on the V12 High Torque, using the same motor, battery pack, tire, etc but now offered with the upgraded Raptor controller—this provides the V12 with more peak power & increased controller reliability. The Pro has increased the peak torque output to 160Nm vs 123Nm on the original HT. In all other performance traits, such as expected range & top cruising speed of 37.5MPH, the two variants are identical. Visually, the PRO is fitted with orange decals.  

Inmotion V12 HT/HS Electric Unicycle

High-Torque and High-Speed Beginner Wheel

With over 10,000 V12s sold globally, it’s easy to see why the power-to-weight ratio on this medium-sized wheel makes it an excellent all-around performer, especially if you require a high-torque or high-speeds on your daily commute. This mid-range 37–40 mph, beginner-friendly futuristic electric wheel is a cult classic on and off the road.

Inmotion V12 HT/HS Electric Unicycle 

Inmotion . It is a high-performance, cutting-edge electric unicycle with a 2500-2800W powerful motor, a 1750WH lithium battery pack, advanced safety features, and a sleek industrial design. The Inmotion V12 has a top speed of 37–44 mph (depending on voltage) and a range of up to 70 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for adult commuters and adventurers. It also has a 16-inch tire and an adjustable parameter system for a smooth and comfortable ride on various terrains. The V12 also includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker, LED lights, and a mobile app that allows users to customize their ride settings and track their riding data while on the go. The V12 is the best of both worlds for new and experienced EUC riders. It is small, robust, affordable, reliable, and a blast to ride to work or just for fun.

  • An excellent powerful beginner wheel for both new and experienced EUC riders.
  • Most commonly used as a daily city commuter or off-road hill climber wheel.
  • At $2,000+, many of our customers consider beginning their EUC journey with a more powerful wheel, even with its expensive price tag.
  • The V12 line Is one of the most innovative models. It pushes the envelope by incorporating new features such as a folding kickstand, high-quality display, and more and passing the savings to its customers.
  • Customers can select between high-torque and high-speed variants.
  • The high-speed model is ideal for EUC riders who want more top speed at the expense of slightly less off-the-line acceleration.
  • The high-torque model is great for people who need to climb steep hills or enjoy more snappy off-the-line acceleration.
  • Many advanced EUC riders with larger 3600WH capacity wheels consider the V12HT. It is a great weekday option for increasing daily mileage.
  • The V12 line is a non-suspension wheel that performs admirably on rough terrain and bumpy roads.


2500-2800W Motor

The V12 Legacy has been a fixture in the EUC community for years thanks to its emphasis on speed, power, and acceleration. The first batch’s initial release of this wheel had a rocky start, but the latest batches will make it a crowd favorite. This wheel was over-engineered for daily commuting, making it appealing and a powerful, lighter-weight machine. It has a high speed or high torque 2500-2800W motor that allows it to reach a top speed of 37–40 mph and easily climb hills with up to a 30 to 45-degree incline. Furthermore, the V12 has a sizeable 1,750WH battery, giving the average person a week’s commuter riding range.

  • More than enough power in speed for the average adult, very powerful and agile to control
  • Most EUC riders Average between 12 and 25 mph; the V12 HS can reach over 40 mph!
  • The V12 HT Variant has a mighty hill climb and off-road capability, reaching 37 mph!
  • As the battery pack drains, riders will notice that the throttled and tilt-back speed is engaged to help prevent the rider from a cutout.
  • To get the full capabilities out of this wheel, you will need a set of side pads to help with the control, acceleration, and braking.
  • Mobile App has a hidden fancier mode that allows writers to lock the full top speeds.
  • Enhanced controller drive board with more durable MOSFETS, optimized PCB layout, and increased output by 23%
  • We recommend new riders experience this wheel in low-performance mode before attempting to go into high-speed mode.
  • The V12 series What are the most robust models in the Inmotion lineup before the V13
  • Comparable models include the Begode T4, Begode RS, and King Song S18.

Battery Pack

100V 1750WH Lithium Cells

Many of our customers seek out the V12 because of its power-to-cost ratio. They have a budget of around $2000 and want the best performance wheel in that price range. Although the manufacturer specifies a maximum riding range of 70 miles, our customers can expect to get anywhere from 30 to 60 miles per charge, depending on rider weight, terrain, weather, and general riding conditions. But it’s important to remember that the range can change based on these and other things, like LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, performance settings, and a mobile app. Follow the manufacturer’s charging and maintenance instructions to ensure the battery works well and lasts as long as possible. The average person can get about a week’s range with moderate riding. You can expect about 60% or less of the manufacturer rating for more advanced riders who ride and cruise at top speed.

  • 1750WH (875WH x 2) – The battery pack will provide approximately 70 max miles per charge, with a realistic range of 30 to 60 miles depending on the user’s riding style.
  • The battery packs have an IPX7 water rating for added security.
  • On the top display of the mobile app, battery capacity can be tracked and monitored.
  • Battery health is monitored using three different BMS systems and a mobile app; Error messages are saved for future reference and diagnostics.
  • Cell balancing, overcharging, under voltage, and overheat protection are all included in the BMS.
  • The wheel comes with a standard 100V 2.3-amp charger.
  • Depending on the battery voltage, charging time can take up to nine hours.


The V12 was the first of its kind and had more features out of the box than any other wheel on the market when it was first released. Inmotion has genuinely pushed the boundaries of what is expected and standard in an electric unicycle. Our customers get a lot of bang for their buck when they choose the V12.

  • Powerful motor: The V12 has a 2500-2800W engine that allows it to reach 40 mph.
  • Long-range battery: The V12 has a high-capacity battery that can go up to 70 miles on a single charge.
  • Bluetooth speaker: The V12 includes a Bluetooth speaker that allows riders to listen to music or make phone calls while riding.
  • Touch screen display: The touch screen shows the controller’s parameters, performance settings that can be changed, safety alarms, and ride data.
  • LED lights: The V12 has beautiful auto-on 12W LED lights on the front, side panels, and rear tail lights for increased visibility and safety when riding at night. The lights can be adjusted via the mobile app.
  • Tires: wider 16×3 tires with reinforced rims for heavy-duty riding.
  • Pedals: Adjustable pedals height for different use cases, higher settings are excellent for off-road
  • Mobile App: Users can customize their ride settings, track their riding data, and receive firmware updates via V12’s mobile app.
  • Kill-switch: A simple kill switch button that allows riders to pick up their wheel and disengage the motor while transporting.
  • Kickstand: A simple integrated kickstand that allows you to park whenever you need to take a break, indoors or outdoors.
  • Trolley: Integrated a simple folding trolley handle for transporting your wheel when not actively riding.
  • Speakers: Loud Bluetooth speakers allow you to listen to music while riding on the way to work.
  • Security: A system lets owners put a numeric security lock on their wheel.
  • Smart BMS: The built-in BMS Tomorrow monitors battery health and performance via hardware and a mobile app.
  • Advanced safety features: The V12 includes a tilt-back function, speed warnings, and a cut-off switch that stops the motor when the unicycle tilts beyond a certain angle.
  • Design: The V12 has a sleek, modern design with a 12-inch tire and a slim profile for easy maneuverability.
  • Seat: Additional add-on will allow you to ride seated!
  • Side pads: Additional add-on that will allow you to get the full power out of this wheel

Build Quality

Everyone seeks an Inmotion wheel for its high build quality and advanced fit and finish. During the design and testing process, the engineering team at Inmotion pays close attention to all 3-D modeling, geometry, materials, and performance component selection. Many EUC riders rave about the high quality of Inmotion products. Everything from their hardware, mobile apps, and sound samples is well thought out. The Inmotion V12 machine is well-made and long-lasting. The unicycle’s outer shell is made of high-strength, lightweight polymers that provide reasonable protection against impacts and scratches. The V12 is also water-resistant, with an IP55 rating, which means it can withstand splashes and light rain.

The IPX7-rated battery pack is well-protected and securely mounted within the unicycle frame. Overall, the Inmotion V12 is built to last and provides a dependable and sturdy ride for everyday commuting and adventure.

  • Some of the best components, materials, and quality found on an electric unicycle
  • Inmotion quality is praised for having wheels with an Apple-like quality and finish.
  • While we don’t recommend that customers use this wheel in heavy rain, the Inmotion V12 has strong water resistance, making it a great electric wheel to endure off-road and wet road conditions.
  • Inmotion offers international product support for their products with their software diagnostic and support team.
  • The mobile app provides detailed analysis and data on battery health and wheel components.
  • We provide a one-year warranty for repair parts and service on Inmotion products.
  • We have an extensive inventory of Inmotion V12 replacement parts to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Technical Specs

  • Model: V12
  • Color: Black
  • Max.Payload: 120kg
  • Net Weight: Approx. 29kg
  • Max.Slope: 35°
  • Top Speed: 70km/h
  • Classic Mileage: 160km
  • Working Temp: -10°C~+45°C
  • Storage Temp: -20°C~+45°C
  • IP Rating(Body): IPX5
  • Product parameters
  • IP Rating(Battery): IPX7
  • Rating Voltage(VDC): 88.8V
  • Rating Power Capacity: 1750Wh (875Whx2)
  • Rating Power: Capacity Equalization/overcharge/under-voltage overheat protection
  • Rating Voltage(VDC): 2500W
  • Max.Power: 5000W
  • Input Voltage: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz
  • Output Voltage: Approx. 100.8V
  • Output Current: Approx. 2.3A
  • Certificate: CE,FCC,ETL
  • Charging Time: Approx. 9h
  • Max Slope Climbing Angle: fully charged, 75kg rider get the data through a large number of tests.
  • Top Speed: fully charged, 25°C, no wind,and flat road
  • Typical Mileage: fully charged, 75kg payload, 25°C, no wind, and cruising at the flat road in 20km/h

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Inmotion V12 electric unicycle made for?Given the size, price, and weight of the V12, many of our new customers are drawn to this wheel’s power-to-weight ratio. This unicycle stands out from the crowd because it is mighty and has a high build quality for its price. Customers in hilly areas prefer high torque, while those who live on flatter ground prefer high speed. You can choose either model because they share essential components and features.

Is the Inmotion V12 suitable for beginners?While the sheer power of the V12 Series may be intimidating to newcomers, many are relieved to have purchased a more robust and higher-capacity wheel right away. For EUC riders on a tight budget, the lower power models have the necessary performance specs and capabilities for a daily commute. The V12 has the same functionality as the V8 but with faster speeds and more amenities.

What is the maximum speed?Each model’s top speed rating will be different. The high torque variant can reach up to 37 mph on a full charge. On a full battery charge, the high-speed variant can reach speeds of over 40 mph. As a V12 rider’s battery drains, the BMS and controller limit the top speed based on the voltage reading. The average cruising speed will be between 15 and 28 mph depending on the user.

What is the actual range?Usage and battery type will determine the range in real-world situations. The high-speed models will deplete the battery slower than the high torque variant. Because there is more off-the-line acceleration and energy demand, the high-torque motor and controller use more electric current. With two equally heavy people, both wheels should average the same mileage per charge.

Is the Inmotion V12 suitable for heavy riders?

The V12 electric unicycle is an excellent choice for heavier riders. The chassis can support up to 265-pound riders, making it quite powerful and robust for the most powerful riders. Many of our customers praise the 16-inch wheel for its agility and maneuverability. Other heavier wheels, such as the Veteran Sherman and EX30, are preferable for their larger 3600WH battery packs and weight limits.

Is the Inmotion V12 a heavy machine?The V12 is not a heavyweight at 64 pounds. Although it is not the most expensive wheel, many V12 owners value its performance-to-weight ratio due to its 2KW drivetrain and medium-weight chassis. You can easily lift this wheel by its handle up the stairs, and it will not cause back pain like a heavier Master Pro or V13. We recommend a 30 to the 40-pound wheel to anyone who needs to climb stairs without an elevator.

Is the Inmotion V12 preferable to the Inmotion V11?The V12 excels thanks to its powerful 100-volt drive train and more advanced features. It has a smaller 16-inch wheel, which makes it more maneuverable, but the 11 riders prefer this model for its 18-inch wheel and suspension system. Each wheel falls into a similar price range and category. We ask our customers whether they need suspension for their local commutes on rougher terrain.

Is the Inmotion V12 preferable to the Begode EX30?
The Begode EX30 costs $2,000 more and has a 48% larger battery pack. With blistering top speeds and high torque, the EX30 is ideal for riders with more extensive riding experience (134-volt acceleration and torque). Consider the two models’ suspension, weight, price, and range. Compared to the heavyweight juggernaut wheels, the V12 would make a friendly daily driver and commuter.

Is the Inmotion V12 superior to the Begode T4?This is a difficult comparison because both wheels perform similarly. Overall, the v12 has more advanced features and better quality control. With its full suspension system and coveted Begode electric speed controller specs, the T4 is worth considering. If you want to go off-road, the T4 has a very comfortable suspension system. If staying on the road is your primary goal, the V12 has fantastic features and a high water rating on the shell and battery.

Is the Inmotion V12 superior to the King Song S22 Pro?The King Song S22 is a higher voltage model with a super plush suspension system. Both have high-quality features and advanced amenities. We would choose the V12 for its price and size while recommending the S22 to more experienced riders who enjoy riding off-road and at higher speeds. The price difference is approximately $1000, making the decision easier for those on tighter budgets.

Is the Inmotion V12 superior to the Begode Master?The Begode Master was and still is one of the world’s fastest wheels. The Begode Master is famous for its insane 134V drivetrain system and plush air shock suspension. If you have the budget and the need for speed, the Master is a clear choice over the smaller and less expensive 37-40 mph V12.

Is the Inmotion V12 or V13 the superior model?The consensus with these wheels is that it depends on how far and fast you need to go. Price and weight are important considerations when selecting the best electric wheel for daily needs. Many of our Inmotion fans will own the V12 and the V13; the V12 will be the everyday driver, while the V13 will be the weekend high-speed cruiser.

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