King Song S18, 903Wh Battery, 2,200W Motor, Suspension

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  • Battery: Now equipped with the Molicel P42a battery pack, with up to >4x more battery power over the standard LG M50LT cells.
  • Design: King Song’s  bold exoskeleton-styled Electric Unicycle, with full-body suspension
  • Features: full-body suspension, 903WH battery pack, 2,200W motor, 31 MPH max speed, 18×3″ tire
Colour: Black Matte



31 MPH


55 lbs









KS S18 Suspension in Action

Comparison of the King Song S18 vs Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle

King Song S18 Electric Unicycle

The Inmotion V11 was announced about a week before the King Song S18, so how do these two new suspension Wheels stack up against each other on paper? The graphic on the left is a side-by-side comparison of the different design philosophies the two Companies have taken in producing their first suspension Wheel. In short, King Song’s S18 is intended as a comparatively short-range ‘sport’ vehicle, with an emphasis on being elegant & light. At the same time, the V11 offers a larger battery pack (the largest produced by Inmotion to date), which could be considered more of a Cruiser.

  • Suspension: The S18 has an extra 30mm vertical travel on paper, 100mm vs. 70mm on the V10. Both the S18 & V11 have air suspensions that can be adjusted according to the Rider’s weight and ride performance. The S18 has a superior suspension system.
  • Battery & Range: the Inmotion V11 packs in an additional 20x LG M50T/18.75Wh 21700 type battery cells within the shell; this compares with the S18’s 60x cells of the same type. All other factors being equal, the V11 has a more excellent riding range
  • Max Speed & Motor Power: several factors determine a machine’s true power capability, including the number of parallel battery cells, voltage, controller’s rate-limiting, & the motor itself—a higher wattage motor does not necessarily translate into a higher operating speed. With the higher number of battery cells, the V11 offers a more significant power margin over the S18.
  • Retractable/folding Handle: here, the two models have adopted very different solutions for their trolley handle: the V11 has an external ‘scorpion’ style, which appears improved over the earlier V10/V5F type, while the S18 has the retractable telescopic rails extend through the Wheel’s body, similar to earlier models. The S18s Handle is better centered but is also more fragile.
  • Lighting: both designs have jettisoned the typical side LED atmospheric light-show of models in favor of dramatically increased headlight—in the case of Inmotion, taillight too—luminosity. The S18 has a unique high-beam/low-beam headlight that dips when there’s an oncoming light source. Both the S18 & V11 offer substantially higher illumination than found on earlier models.
  • Weight: in this category, the King Song S18 has a clear advantage in being 4.5lb lighter than the V11.
  • Misc: unique features are found on both models; the V11 has an integrated folding stand to keep the Wheel upright, each comes with the same 2.5A/84V XVE fanless charger & is fitted with oversized>9″ grippy pedals & the lift for motor disengagement function.   

Key Features of the S18

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m >200lb; I hear the S18 is unsuitable for heavier Riders. Although the motor rating is 2,200W, the S18 is powered by a 20s3p (3x parallel) battery pack. Heavier Riders must take extra precautions to not overpower the Wheel on hills, acceleration, or riding at or near the limiter. Especially under reduced voltage levels, this model has little reserve power under heavy workloads. This Wheel is best suited for lighter <200lb individuals.

How do the shocks work? Are they adjustable for different loads?In contrast to the comparatively simple pedal arm suspension in the V11, the King Song S18 has taken a completely different approach, where the whole lower assembly is transferred to a single air shock suspension module, the DNM AOY-36RC-165, at the back of the Wheel, which can be adjusted to the Rider’s preference & weight.

What type of battery pack/cells are used in the S18?The pack now uses the Molicel P42A 4.2Ah 21700 format cells for a total capacity of 9,03Wh. The estimated range of this battery pack is ~40 miles, based on a standard energy usage measurement of 25Wh/mile.

Does the S18 have integrated Bluetooth speakers for streaming music?No, the S18 does not have the typical speakers found on other King Song models. This Wheel is designed to be more of a ‘Sport,’ ‘Adventure’ Wheel than the other models.

With so much structure exposed, will the S18 be less water-resistant than other models?
The S18 will hold equivalent IP54 weather protection. While the inner structure is open from above, the sensitive elements, such as the battery and controller area & are enclosed in sealed spaces. Also, the mud guard extends through the body, so any spray/wash should be confined there.

Will I be able to use a 5A/84V charger?Yes, charging at 5A is still within the normal charging tolerances of the battery pack.

What is the brand/type of tire that will be used? Because of the narrow constraints of the fender housing, the only widely available compatible tire is the 18×3″ Jileur J1836.

Is there a warranty with the purchase?
Yes, eWheels offers a one-year warranty from the date of shipment; this includes labor & parts for non-consumable elements like the controller, motor & battery pack. Tires, innertubes, and damage sustained due to accidents are outside the scope of the warranty. We offer our customers the choice of either taking on the repair themselves or sending it in for repair at our Tucson service center; the shipping costs are not included.

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