Veteran Sherman-L, 4,000Wh Battery/3,200W Motor (8KW Peak)

Sale price$4,480.00

  • Building on the success of the Lynx, the Sherman-L provides a similar performance package, but now with 50% more capacity/range 
  • Price: expected out-the-door price of $4,480, with $500 deposit & $3,980 balance due before shipping out. The Sherman-L will ship with Powerpads, and extra accessories like the seat, cyclops headlight & pedal lowering bracket can be bundled at a slight discount.
  • Motor: 3,200W (8KW peak) high-torque motor
  • Weight: similar construction to the Lynx, widespread use of magnesium alloy, shaving comparable battery capacity model weight by 20lb! The Sherman-L's net weight is only 14.5lb more, but with 50% larger battery pack 
  • Battery Pack: high-power Samsung 50S 4,000Wh/151V battery pack, with SmartBMS, capable of rapid-charging to 20A/3,024W
  • Controller: same proven Lynx controller, 36x 200V/140A MOFSETs on separated Driverboard, maximum theoretical maximum of 840A
  • Suspension: 90mm of functional travel, using the highly customizable Fastace suspension modules. Available in three different spring weights, 62/66/70lb
  • Tire: TNT tubeless street tire & Kenda K262 (knobby)
Suspension: 62lb


Tire: Knobby [K262]







3HR TO 80%







Sherman-L in Context of Similar Wheels

The Sherman-L is a marriage between the Sherman-S and Lynx, combining the Lynx's excellent performance with the Sherman-S' long-range capabilities. The Sherman-L is heavier than the Lynx due to the added battery cells and redesigned frame to house them, but LK continues to minimize weight wherever possible. This Wheel is the lightest in its class, weighing over 20lbs less than the GT Pro+ from Extreme Bull, and it still manages to undercut the ET Max by a few pounds, which is especially impressive given the Sherman-L's range exceeds that of the ET Max! In addition to the Sherman-L's class-leading weight, it also manages to remain almost as slim as the Lynx with only 0.2" in extra width by comparison. A comparable wheel is over 2" wider than the Sherman-L, so those sensitive to wheel ergonomics may prefer the Sherman-L over Extreme Bull's offering.

Comparing the Sherman-L against its outgoing predecessor, the Sherman-S, will reveal all the improvements that have been made. The Sherman-S is about ~7lbs lighter, but the Sherman-L is superior in terms of battery capacity and monitoring due to the inclusion of a smartBMS, safe top speed as a result of the higher system voltage, and firmware refinement, notably the new sensorless motor operation feature that can keep the wheel upright even in the event of a hall sensor failure while riding, a first for the EUC industry.

Sherman-L Hall-Less Operation

One of the featured new innovations on the Sherman-L is the ability to run in pure 'hall-less mode.' On older Electric Unicycles, damage to the motor's sensitive hall sensors would lead to cutouts. There's three of hall sensors in the motor that is used by the controller to commutation calculation—determining the precise position of the rotor's permanent magnets in proximity to the stator's electromagnets.

For newer generation equipment, the firmware Engineers have devised a method instructing the board to ignore hall data beyond a couple MPH, which provides a degree of fault-tolerance at higher speed.

Extending this principle further, the Sherman-L is the first Electric Unicycles that supports total loss of the motor hall signal, while still being able to function from a complete stop. The advantages are both safer operation (reduced risk of cut-outs) & being able to use the machine in this degraded state—i.e. lower chances of being stranded while out-and-about.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I put in a deposit for the Sherman-L, can I change or cancel?If you change your mind about which Wheel you'd like, we will be happy to credit you the cost of the deposit/payment towards your preferred wheel. However, cancellations on any Wheel/scooter (pre)orders will be refunded less 3.5% of the order cost, a payment processing fee charged not by us, but by our store platform.

When will you be fulfilling preorders for the Sherman-L?Leaperkim is set to begin production of the Sherman-L very soon, if all goes according to plan we should have these in hand and ready to ship to customers by the end of August! Deposit-holders will be provided with regular production and shipping updates via email as they roll in from LK.

Will there be a knobby tubeless tire offered to match the street tubeless tire? It's unlikely that there will be a tubeless knobby option, but we are pushing the manufacturer to look into this. The primary advantage of tubeless tires is the reduced chance of getting a flat while out and about, in our experience the inner tube rubbing against the inside of the tire is just as much of a contributor to flats as standard punctures are. Tubeless tires are inherently more puncture resistant, and removing the tube from the equation removes a common point of failure.

What stock charger is provided? How fast can the Sherman-L rapid-charge? The Sherman-L will ship with a 5A charger in the box, just like the Lynx. For faster charging, one can purchase a second 5A stock charger for double the charging speed. If you're looking to charge even faster, we will soon have some Huawei R4850N rapid chargers with an adjustable output voltage of 80-170V that function on a 110V input circuit—note that power-supply circuit must be rated >13A for the higher >9A/151v DC output settings. The Sherman-L can handle up to a whopping 20A charge rate, but you'll need access to 220V power to charge at such a speed without tripping the breaker.

What Lynx accessories are compatible with the Sherman-L? Beidou is working on a new seat design, as the handle design has changed from the Lynx to the Sherman-L. The other Lynx accessories, however, are fully compatible, including the Beidou universal power pads, headlight, CNC pedals, and pedal lowering brackets.

What range figures can one expect from the Sherman-L?
Wheel range is impacted by several factors, including rider weight, tire pressure, terrain, and most importantly average riding speed. If riding at a conservative pace, below 20mph, one could theoretically achieve over 100 miles of range! Even if riding the wheel at decent clip for the entire ride, one can still expect at least 50 fast miles.

Are parts from the Lynx shared on the Sherman-L? While the shell of the Sherman-L needed a redesign to fit the new larger battery packs, several of the Lynx's key components are still present on this wheel, including the controller, motor (and tire by extension), and suspension, among other bits like the headlight and pedals.

How weather-resistant is the Sherman-L? The Sherman-L will have similar weather resistance compared to the Lynx (both wheels have been IP-6X tested), but the general rule of mixing Wheels and water remains the same: light rain and small puddles should be alright, but it's best to avoid moderate to heavy rain and deep/large puddles. The improved bearing seals present on the rest of Leaperkim's lineup are also used on the Sherman-L to decrease the chance of weather affecting bearing wear prematurely.

Will there be a heavier shock option than 70lb offered? Leaperkim currently has no plans to produce a heavier shock than the usual 70lb, but we've found that this option performs quite well for even the heaviest riders (beneath the wheel's weight limit of 320lb, of course).

Are there any firmware changes between the Lynx and Sherman-L?Since the controller and motor are shared between the Lynx and Sherman-L, minimal changes have been made to the firmware. However, one major improvement that we hope to see trickle down to the rest of LK's lineup is sensorless motor operation, which is an amazing safety addition that allows you to safely come to a stop should the wheel encounter a motor hall fault, and even start riding from a stop! However, since this is such a new feature that's yet to be thoroughly tested, we recommend against riding if you do encounter a hall error.

From eWheels' experience with the Lynx, are there any areas of reliability that might be of concern on the Sherman-L?The Lynx has been a very solid wheel in our experience, with the only areas of concern being certain firmware oddities (in-air behavior, tilting behavior that can be traced to firmware and DC conversion circuitry, etc.) However, LK is aware of these issues and are constantly working to improve stability through OTA firmware updates available in the Leaperkim app.

Sherman-L ‘Progressive’ Shock/Spring

An innovation from the Lynx that's made its way to the Sherman-L is the use of ‘progressive’ springs, where there is a higher density of turns on the lower section of the coil, this results in  more resistive force applied when the shock is at a state of high compression, such as on jumps, steps, or trail-riding. From early Customer feedback, the net effect of the new shock is a reduction of ‘bottoming-out’ for heavier riders, even those on the lighter 62/66lb shock. For those who intend to use the machine in a commuting setting, you may want to consider one of the lighter spring options, having a suspension that is too stiff reduces its efficacy.

Wheel Customization from App

With the release of v1.4.1, in early June, the Leaperkim App now supports all the Wheel customizations that could previously only be performed from the on-board display. While the display's interface is functional, it had its limitations, Customers had to use a code map to determine what they were changing & scrolling through the navigation menu was tedious, leading to frustration.

Leaperkim's new App allows you to use your phone to conveniently/easily change all the parameters of the ride in one easy to use place. In contrast with the other manufacturers Apps, LK's is relatively lightweight, free from the social-media bloat & other unwanted 'features' that made useability problematic.

NEW: Upgraded Samsung High-Power 50S Battery Pack

The most valuable component of any Wheel is its battery pack, the beating pulse of the machine. Over the years it has been found, from painful experience, that pairing a high-powered machine with a battery cell that is not designed for high peak-power applications can result in latent/delayed catastrophic thermal runaway events. To try to minimize this risk, we at eWheels, have insisted the use of high-powered battery cells, particularly on smaller 4 parallel packs, such as the MTen4, A2, T4, S18, Hero, S22, & Master—as the number of parallels increase, the load on each cells decreases accordingly. Until recently, there was the trade-off between power & capacity; now, with the advent of the new Samsung 50S cell, one can have both!

  • Energy Density: 50S has a 20% increase in energy density over the 40T, providing a corresponding increase in range without any weight/bulk penalty.
  • Higher Operating Temperatures: the specifications of the 50S has a vast operating range, from -20 to 80°C/-4 to 176°F vs -20-60°C/-4-140°F with the commonly used 50E/GB cell & as high as 100°C/212°F in Samsung’s test data! This massive margin not only allows the 50S to output up to 3x more power than the 50E, but perhaps more importantly, will greatly improve battery pack safety, there is no conceivable scenario in which these limits will ever be reached, or exceeded.  
  • Power Output: the maximum sustained power output on the 50s is 45A vs 15A on the 50E. At pack level, this represents a total potential sustained output of 15,120W, on the Lynx. From a Rider’s perspective, the main benefit of having this power on-tap is once the pack(s) have been partially depleted, reducing the risk of cut-outs when power is required.  
  • Rapid-charging: another benefit of the 50s over the 50E is charging rates, 2.25x higher, 6A vs 2.5A. It should be noted that although the cell supports the higher charging current, there may be other factors that limit maximum charge rate, such as the charge-port, wiring & BMS components. On the Lynx, the maximum rate of charge should not exceed 16A. 
  • Superior Cycle-life: perhaps the most common misconception of high-power cells is that of reduced cycle-life, but this is fundamentally a misunderstanding of the published datasheet for battery cells. In these publications, Samsung’s data is based on exceedingly high sustained loads of 25A/45A. Other Samsung materials demonstrates that in 10A continuous load scenario, the 50S commands a slight lead over the the 50E for longevity, with >82% capacity retention over 600 cycles.
    It should also be noted that these synthetic tests in no way represent the power demand pattern that is experienced when using your machine, where the average load, on flat terrain, will be closer to 2-3A/cell vs the 10A in the test data—there may be periods where this demand is considerably more than the 10A, which is where the high-power cells really come into their element. In addition, the [50S] 600 cycles were charged at the maximum 6A vs a typical 1.5A (per parallel) with the stock charger, which also has an impact on the pack’s longevity.   

In summary, the 50S battery cell is objectively superior in every measurable metric, with only a marginal increase in upfront cost. It is expected that machines fitted with these packs will retain their value better than other battery cells. 

Sherman-L Optional Accessories

The Lynx & Sherman-L share a number of interchangeable accessories, such as the CNC pedals, Powerpads & lowering bracket kits. As the space between the handles is slightly longer on the Sherman-L, Beidou is working on a redesigned seat for this upcoming model.

Universal Beidou 6pc Velcro PowerPads, OrangeUniversal Beidou 6pc Velcro PowerPads, Orange
Beidou Lynx CNC Lowering Pedal BracketsBeidou Lynx CNC Lowering Pedal Brackets
14-80/90 Tire, TNT J-2306 Tubeless. Lynx14-80/90 Tire, TNT J-2306 Tubeless. Lynx
Lynx Motor Assembly, 3,200WLynx Motor Assembly, 3,200W
Sale price$490.00
Lynx: 70lb Spring/Coil Replacement, SetLynx: 70lb Spring/Coil Replacement, Set
Lynx: HeadlightLynx: Headlight
Sale price$43.00
Veteran Lynx CNC Seat Kit, RedVeteran Lynx CNC Seat Kit, Red