Inmotion Adventure/V14, 2,400Wh Battery, 4,000W Motor

ETA Late June
Sale price$3,299.00

  • V14 50S ETA end of June
  • Bonus: bonus Powerpads & seat kit
  • Motor: 4,000W high-torque motor C40, a no-load max rotational speed of 68MPH (not riding speed!)
  • Battery Pack: 2400Wh/134V battery pack, using high-power cells
  • Control board: Employing the Raptor 42x MOSFET/18x large capacitor sealed controller
  • Suspension: 85mm of travel, with 17 level of Compression Damping & 8 level of Rebound
  • Tire: knobby tire
Tire: Knobby Tire







2HR 80% @8A







Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the main differences between the V14 (orange) & V14 50S?The material difference is that the 50S is packaged with the high-power Samsung battery cells for more sustained power, better climbing, faster charging & extreme riding, that said, a casual Rider may not descern a substantial difference between the two. We’ve also had Inmotion use the all-black top panel on the 50S version.

Will Inmotion be providing a 8/16A 134V rapid-charger?Stock charger provided 3A. We have adapters that allow the use of the 134V chargers from Begode.

What type of charge-port interface is used on the Adventure?The charge-port is a GX16-6(5), without the center pin, similar to the V13/S22.

Is the Adventure packaged with Powerpads?Yes, these are a similar Velcro modular adhesive form to the type provided with the Patton/Sherman, produced by Beidou.

Although Inmotion has a no-load rotational spin speed of 110kph/68.3MPH, the Max speed on the specs is ‘only’ 70KPH, are there plans to increase this potential?
Unfortunately not, the torque curve of this motor does not permit safe operational speeds above 70kPH.

What other upgrades are there available for the V14? There’s a new 500lb shock, specifically designed for the V14, that is more suited for lighter, 170lb Riders, or for those seeking a plushier ride from the stock shock.

The Specs have a maximum weight limit of 140kg/309lb, what are the areas that are susceptible to fatigue with increased load?Historically, manufacturers use the ‘stamped’ tire load as the limiting factor. In practice, modern tires have a burst strength that is several multiples of the rated/recommended weight.

Is there the option to change out the orange panels for black?
Yes, we have both the orange & black side panels available, if you wish to change those out for a different look.

Which other tires are compatible for the Wheel?The 12″ motor rim is the same as the other 16″ Wheels, such as the Patton, Extreme, V12, etc. There are a large selection of both street & knobby tires available in this size. The preferred street tire is the Chao Yang H626, the same default Patton street tire that has an excellent balance between ride performance, traction, profile & tread life.

V14 Motor Torque & Efficiency Curves

The V14 motor was designed to have the highest torque of any 12″ motor/16″ tire Wheel made today. When selecting an electric motor in a given Wheel, there’s an inevitable trade-off to achieve the design objectives as an ‘off-road’ Wheel. While the V14 has superb torque for hills & quick acceleration, its motor efficiency optimization is shifted towards the higher rotational speeds within the 37-43.5MPH range, most other models have peak efficiency at lower speeds. This does not mean the range is better at higher speeds, as the power required to overcome wind resistance is much greater.  Assuming a 170lb Rider is cruising at 25MPH, on flat terrain, based on Rider test results, one can expect a range of about 50-60 miles.

V14 Bonus Seat Kit

V14 Ride Gallery

V14 50S Batch 2 Photos

V14 Batch 1 Production Photos

16×3″ Tire, YuanXing. V14, Extreme, Patton16×3″ Tire, YuanXing. V14, Extreme, Patton
Inmotion V14: Display AssemblyInmotion V14: Display Assembly
Inmotion V14: Battery Pack 600Wh 50GBInmotion V14: Battery Pack 600Wh 50GB
Inmotion V14: Rear HandleInmotion V14: Rear Handle
Sale price$28.00
Inmotion V14: Fastace 900lb Shock AssemblyInmotion V14: Fastace 900lb Shock Assembly
Inmotion V14: Top PanelInmotion V14: Top Panel
Sale price$42.00
Inmotion V14: Headlight AssemblyInmotion V14: Headlight Assembly
Inmotion V14: Black Side Panel, RightInmotion V14: Black Side Panel, Right
Inmotion V14: Black Side Panel, LeftInmotion V14: Black Side Panel, Left