Inmotion V13/V13 PRO, 3,024WH Battery, 4,500W Motor, Suspension

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  • V13 in stock. V13PRO ETA, mid-June
  • V13 Pro Deposit Purchasers must pay balance before delivery.
  • ‘PRO’ version of the V13 has black roll-bars & a hybrid tire, all other hardware/firmware are the same 
  • Bonus: seat kit, suspension-less conversion kit & kickstand included, a $230 value
  • Motor: 4,500W (10,000W peak), 300 Nm of torque
  • Controller: All new generation controller with 42 MOSFETs, continuous power output rating of 1,000A
  • Battery Pack: 3,024Wh Battery Pack, with Smart BMS
  • Suspension: combination of damper & air shocks, 2x per-side
  • Pedals: Fitted with XL spiked pedals
  • Tire: V13 equipped with knobby Yuanxing 22×3, or hybrid tire on the V13 PRO


Type: V13



55 MPH


117 LBS




287 LBS





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Inmotion V13 Bonus Accessory Bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a street tire available?We have been using the Michelin Pilot street 2 80/90-16″ motorcycle for Customers who wish to change from the stock knobby to street. This tire is rated for a tubeless configuration. If you wish to have this tire installed, please let us know, the cost of the conversion is $250.

What’s the maximum rate of charge?17A, using the 10A rapid-charger + stock charger together—the V13 comes with 2x input ports.

What battery cells are used?The Samsung 35E/18650 cells. This cell has been on the market for about a decade, & has an excellent record for reliability, capacity & performance.

Can the V13 be used for off-roading/trail use?At a net weight of 110lb, it’s not the most nimble/maneuverable Wheel, many Riders have found that the V13 handles well on open fields, dirt paths & trails that are not too technical.

How can I get my V13’s ride-speed increased from 53MPH to 56MPH?
Inmotion has a 2,000km/1243 mile requirement before they’ll untap this extra potential from the hardware.

What is the purpose of the suspensionless conversion kit?This bracket serves a number of different purposes: the primary purpose was to lower the pedal bracket height & reduce the weight by about 10lb for competitive/track settings, similar to stiffening up & lowering the suspension on a sports car.

The specification sheet has a max weight limit of 120kg/264lb, is this right for such a powerful machine?This is based on the tire’s load, minus the weight of the machine. In practice, these tires are tested to several times the marked weight limit.

What is the expected tread-life on the stock [knobby] tire?
It depends on a number of factors, such as the Rider’s weight, usage (heavy acceleration/braking degrades tire performance), one can expected about 2,500-4,000 miles before requiring to change out the tire.

How has the experience been with the suspension modules, are they holding up better than the V11? Yes, the V13 has a slightly different type of air shock to the V11, with the combination of the oil-filled damper on each side, the forces applied to the shocks are significantly reduced, resulting in improved reliability, like maintaining air-pressure over time.

What is the most common maintenance items on the V13? Beyond a periodic tire/tube replacement, the vertical sliders should have a ‘dry’ lubrication applied every 3 months/2,000 miles. It’s recommended to apply a ‘dry’ lubricating agent, like DuPont’s dry-film lubricatint, which will repeal dirt, grit & other foreign objects on the exposed moving slider parts.

Inmotion V13 Seat
Inmotion V13 Seat Sale price$72.00
IM: V13 Motor, 4,500W
IM: V13 Motor, 4,500W Sale price$749.00
Inmotion V13, Front Roll-bar
Inmotion V13, Rear Roll-bar
Inmotion V13, Handle-kit Assembly
Inmotion V13, Mud-guard
Inmotion V13, Display Unit
22×3″ Innertube. V13
Inmotion V13 SeatInmotion V13 Seat
Sale price$72.00
IM: V13 Motor, 4,500WIM: V13 Motor, 4,500W
Sale price$749.00
Inmotion V13, Front Roll-barInmotion V13, Front Roll-bar
Inmotion V13, Rear Roll-barInmotion V13, Rear Roll-bar
Sale price$72.00
Inmotion V13, Handle-kit AssemblyInmotion V13, Handle-kit Assembly
Inmotion: V13 Pedal Set, with BracketsInmotion: V13 Pedal Set, with Brackets
22×3″ Tire, Yuanxing Knobby. V1322×3″ Tire, Yuanxing Knobby. V13
Inmotion V13, Mud-guardInmotion V13, Mud-guard
Sale price$26.00
Inmotion V13, Display UnitInmotion V13, Display Unit
Sale price$119.00
22×3″ Innertube. V13
Sale price$25.00